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  1. So, it's not an "exlusive", as it were, but Jeff Rosenstock had the last couple "Bad Morning" variant of "I Look Like Shit" - My buddy picked it up for me, I don't think I have been this stoked in a long while.
  2. I'm new to this, so I have to ask, around what time to things usually go up.
  3. I love this band to tiny little fucking pieces. And the new track is fun. I pre-ordered it. My phone made the one variant look Green and White, and I was disappointed when it was clear instead.
  4. Alright. So here is what I'm trying to get rid of. 12' LPs. All never played. Modern Baseball - Sports (First Press) Dads- I am the tornado (Tour Variant /300) Their, They're, There - T/T/T (First Press & Record Store Day release /800) Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This to Memory (10 year repress. /400) Fun - Aim & Ignite (Audiophile edition. Never played.) FOXING - Dealer (Banquet Records, I think?) Hold Tight - Blizzard of '96
  5. Hey gus, This is actually a present for the girlfriend. Sorority Noise is an important band to us, and she loved this colorway, but I just snoozed on it. Offering 50 bucks if anyone can hook me up. Thanks.