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  1. Jamjkv

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    I figured that's what happened.
  2. Jamjkv

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    That's crazy if it's the case. I never even saw the button appear. I never missed a pre-order for limited quantity vinyl. I noticed the pre-order button was only blocked by an image covering the order via javascript. I'm wondering if some removed it and got it in their cart to go faster.
  3. Jamjkv

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    I was on that page too. I kept refreshing and it never came up. I only found out after it was available through another link. Here: https://www.fangamer.com/products/sonic-adventure-official-soundtrack-signed-limited-edition-box-set Kinda of lame to have a link that says pre-order and you cannot order.
  4. Jamjkv

    How to leave feedback

    Something changed in my account since I posted this thread. This button and also the one where "+ Create" is for leaving feedback where not present. Does a new account needs to be approved first? Now I can see them. Thank you.
  5. Jamjkv

    How to leave feedback

    Hi, Sorry for the noob question. I'm trying to leave feedback for someone. I found this thread explaining how you can. Unfortunately I only see "Follow Member" and "Message" on the user page. How can I leave feedback? Thank you for your help