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  1. I was hoping this was maybe remixed/remastered. Still exciting nonetheless
  2. Can’t confirm this yet but I hear it will be on trans yellow vinyl. January 18 2019 release.
  3. I ordered one from the UK but my local shop got like 20 of them for RSD. Last check he has 9 left. I feel dumb.
  4. I have Age Of Reason and I'd say Giant Among Men is my fave on there. Its vintage Luxa/Pan
  5. Agreed. The Process was a good album but not a good SP album in my opinion. I left at that point. In my eyes, and squarely my own opinion, Last Rights was the pinnacle and the logical end to everything they did to that point. I was so sure that the follow up to LR would be more abstract sound collage, like a less electro Eyes of Stanley Pain type thing mixed with the first few minutes of KNowhere looped and more abstract from a rhythmic standpoint. Instead it was decent but wholly unremarkable electro. Which in hindsight makes sense as Critter was dead as well as dwayne. Critter Newell was the genius in those records save for Rabies which was Luxa/Pan'd into the Ministry v Skinny Puppy album I always wanted in 1989. Ohgr's solo stuff isn't anything to write home about (IMO). The initial record was good and I saw them/him on that tour (with Hate Dept - who will never get the credit they deserve for being solid) but otherwise danceable stuff with Ohgr being Ohgr over it. On the subject of the Bites and Remission repressed which do sound good btw, I wish more tracks were included. The cd had another like 6 tracks that do not appear on the records, one of those being one of my all time face SP songs "Manwhole".
  6. I'm nearly certain these are all done by the same people. Nettwerk seemed to not care and the band collectively wanted them back out there. I, for one, am glad this is being done.
  7. Holy crap. I didn’t know this was being repressed. Bought immediately! Is there any word on “Give A Monky A Brain”?
  8. Monastic_mike

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    You're trying hard. I applaud your effort. Wanna hug?
  9. Monastic_mike

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    If that's 12 year old speak for "you just don't get it" then yeah. You're probably right.
  10. Monastic_mike

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    I love your keyboard toughness. It takes a big man to act tough on the internet.
  11. Monastic_mike

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Or maybe I've been around long enough to know good from bad/not a sheep to current trends. In any case I like Ye. I'm still shocked about that.
  12. Monastic_mike

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Always hated Kanye's "music". Every album that came out people falling over themselves to praise it. I always though it was utter shit. Ye on the other hand. I.......like it? I might actually buy it. I'm rather shocked. But yeah, its good.
  13. 1st time on wax, limit 2000 copies and numbered. https://edsawesomesounds.com/products/the-cult-born-into-this-lp-180-gram-pink-color-vinyl-1st-time-on-vinyl-mov-ltd-new-preorder