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  1. Amoeba on Sunset is great. My daughter asked me a question and I told her to go ask the counter people. A woman came out and took her to the exact artist she asked about and even suggested more stuff. It was really cool. I did not expect that. I hope they make it. I bought a shirt from Graveface as I have chatted with Ryan a few times and I genuinely like what he puts out. I paid almost double the asking minimum for the shirt. My own employment is in the air at this point but I believe in Karma. I have to laugh at the affection I have for these shops and yet I never bother with my local shops.
  2. I read something about Pure and Selfless being recorded live. 1000% in for vinyl issues of these. My neighbors are fucked.
  3. I snagged a black copy. Downloaded the files and am now impatiently waiting for my copy (ha).
  4. I'm a big Yussef Dayes fan. Was bummed his collabs with Alfa Mist never made it to vinyl
  5. I don't disagree. But I take less issue as its ordered through JB direct so its his money vs someone else's.
  6. I'd be down for an all encompassing vinyl box set.
  7. I exist steps from the Camelback store and might be going by there after work.
  8. New to Scotch. Picked up a bottle of Gleniddich 12 year Signature. Not a big drinker but its fun to geek out on things and expand my pallet. Jury is out. Not bad but not getting the "creamy" notes. The bite is difficult to get past.
  9. A local shop had a few ( this shop will sell boots). I pondered it but I'll wait.