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  1. I'll pass. Was luke warm on it when released, don't want it $55 bad. We need the fucking Submit EP repressed. That I would really like to own again.
  2. I’m looking to pick up a copy of Epicus Doomicus on vinyl andwas curious about pressings to look for/avoid. Thoughts ? Suggestions? thanks
  3. The S.O.A release along is more than that on Discogs (by large margin). Pre-ordered the day it was announced.
  4. @Karpatenhunde77 Have you received your album from Other Voices? Just curious
  5. Its all good. I see it on the site as a preorder but thats it. I figured I missed it. 😅
  6. Maybe I missed it but FGN isn't being repressed on vinyl? Just digital only? EDIT: looks like it. CoG ordered. Thanks for the heads up
  7. Holly-f*cking_yoooooooooolah I basically gave up when the target link disappeared. Hopefully...
  8. I ended up getting a killer deal on a set of Klipsch Heresy IV’s. It’s taken a couple weeks of futzing with them but now they make me happy.
  9. MOV pressing on silver vinyl. Sounds incredible. Don't need a duplicate so this goes. SOLD
  10. I was soooooo close to pulling the trigger on the Dyns. Like finger on the trigger close. I'd like to hear them again
  11. I have only seen this one place and the link is legit. Weird the other places like Bullmoose don't have it. Or maybe its another in a long line of deceptions following this release around in LP format. https://www.target.com/p/various-artists-the-crow-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-explicit-lyrics-vinyl/-/A-80379421
  12. Amoeba on Sunset is great. My daughter asked me a question and I told her to go ask the counter people. A woman came out and took her to the exact artist she asked about and even suggested more stuff. It was really cool. I did not expect that. I hope they make it. I bought a shirt from Graveface as I have chatted with Ryan a few times and I genuinely like what he puts out. I paid almost double the asking minimum for the shirt. My own employment is in the air at this point but I believe in Karma. I have to laugh at the affection I have for these shops and yet I never bother with my local shops.
  13. I read something about Pure and Selfless being recorded live. 1000% in for vinyl issues of these. My neighbors are fucked.
  14. I snagged a black copy. Downloaded the files and am now impatiently waiting for my copy (ha).