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  1. folklore Red 1989 Fearless Speak Now S/T Lover Reputation
  2. Kings Road sent to folks who have purchased from the store before/mailing list.
  3. record release showed up yesterday. kinda bummed this is just a fold over cover and not a screenprinted jacket. maybe I misread the description. oh well.
  4. was going to post the target deal but got beaten to the punch.
  5. the production for this was seriously very impressive.
  6. I didn't get any notification from KRM and the record just showed up at my door today. very, very excited for this.
  7. agreed with the above: this is my absolute favorite Decemberists album. I'll hold off on getting this as well. pretty sure I can get it later on for a few bucks off.
  8. holy hell, never thought I'd see this asshat's name around here again. EDIT: what a perfect write up, thanks dude. would have taken me DAYS to explain it all haha.
  9. it's a pretty solid record. honestly sounds like a follow up to SNW more than anything.
  10. This. I try to be as civil as I can be with the prices I put up but especially with these times, I'll sell out and go to eBay.
  11. five years down the road, y'all are going to look back and feel really dumb for being a bunch of Karen's over these really dumb complaints.
  12. Am I the only one who's VERY excited for those EP's to finally get pressed by Mondo?

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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