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  1. 2nd press, again on white here: https://www.amoeba.com/her-score-white-vinyl-lp-arcade-fire/albums/4236234/
  2. Indie variant still available here, if anyone is interested. https://www.ziarecords.com/p/12680697/deafheaven-10-years-gone-yellow-green-swirl-vinyl-w-download-card
  3. folklore Red 1989 Fearless Speak Now S/T Lover Reputation
  4. Kings Road sent to folks who have purchased from the store before/mailing list.
  5. record release showed up yesterday. kinda bummed this is just a fold over cover and not a screenprinted jacket. maybe I misread the description. oh well.
  6. was going to post the target deal but got beaten to the punch.
  7. the production for this was seriously very impressive.
  8. I didn't get any notification from KRM and the record just showed up at my door today. very, very excited for this.
  9. agreed with the above: this is my absolute favorite Decemberists album. I'll hold off on getting this as well. pretty sure I can get it later on for a few bucks off.