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  1. We did! Derek even brought his gal pal along with him. We were all having a great time until a gust of wind came out of nowhere causing his lady to blow out of her chair and snag on the table creating a slow leak. Derek was visibly upset and headed out to the local hardware store to get a patch. Hopefully she's alright. #PrayersForDerek
  2. I see why you make the drive, Derek. You and your lady look really good together.
  3. Ahhhh typical Derek. Always ending some no backbone statement with a meme. Hit me up with a PM if you wanna roll down for a beer. Otherwise, seriously, go take out some of your angst by making the drive and throw a pounding to your gal pal. Unless....she doesn't exist and is just deflated under your bed waiting for an inflating.
  4. You so mad, bro. I'm actually in CA right now. You should drive down and we'll hang out. Sound good? I'll stop responding. It's the internet, you let this really get to you. It's funny. You're actually explaining yourself to me, like I care? I see you're super fired up and passionate and won't stop until you feel like you've got the last word. I'll let you have it. You win, Derek. You win. Now get in the car and make the drive to see that gal pal instead of wasting time on a Saturday responding to posts on the internets, dummy.
  5. I don't follow closely, just a skim through to enjoy the drama of people who post so openly about personal shit on the internet. It's fantastic. I do find it hilarious that you can't find someone local to date and have to drive and hour and a half to be in a "relationship". Speaks volumes of what women think of you locally. Hilarious how charged up you dorks have gotten over my comments. Especially Derek. I enjoy when Derek gets extra charged up, throws karma is coming at you type statements, and can't move on with his day without responding.....multiple times.
  6. While I appreciate your presumptuous post, you are incorrect. Most of what I read in here is total shit show material, and I enjoy it. It's sad and hilarious, all wrapped up into one thread. Who needs soap operas when you have a VC relationship thread? The only thing missing is Thomas rolling in here with his hypochondria while having a relationship issue. I pine for that day. Good luck with your long distance relationship, I'm sure it will work out just fine since you're such a stand up chap. Please, post some more so you can try to push for an argument over the
  7. I enjoy reading your drama because my marriage is so enjoyable and normal. Please stay in this relationship and keep posting. You deserve each other.
  8. In for The X Factor and Virtual XI. I have originals on everything else and boots on those 2, but could never pay the crazy prices for originals. Decent albums with Blaze, but nowhere close to their best material.
  9. I listened to most of it, and think it flows well. It's music, though, so folks are either going to like it or they won't. It seems to have some heavier passages compared to some of their previous records. I'll listen to all of it tomorrow on my flight to the west coast.
  10. This leaked. I think it's a pretty solid record. Definitely some heavy ass riffs on this one.
  11. Finally finsihed my AC/DC Japanese pressing collection when Who Made Who arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, it's not a complete discography since no albums were pressed after Blow Up Your Video. One of the Highway To Hell and Blow Up Your Video dupes are white label promo's.
  12. Never listened to Maiden.....man, you're doing it all wrong.
  13. Go to Human Head in Brooklyn. It's the best record store in NYC. It's just a few blocks walk off the Montrose L train stop. Rough Trade is a waste of time, imo. Mostly new overpriced garbage. Academy is pretty solid and worth checking out too.
  14. I hate to say it, but expect to not get out tomorrow. I had an east coast flight out to Vegas tomorrow morning. It has already been canceled and re-booked to tomorrow afternoon, which I'm certain will get canceled or severely delayed as well. It's just a bait and switch for the airlines to bide time while they figure out how much the storm impacts areas.
  15. Just so folks know, if you try to order multiple titles, you have to do each separately. I e-mailed Earache thinking it was a cart issue because it kept removing titles from my cart when I tried to add a 2nd title. They responded that it's 1 title per order because if a certain record doesn't meet it's goal, then it would be a lot of leg work on their end to do refunds, etc.

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