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  1. lloydrx

    Wtb coheed sstb

    Thanks. Yeah that package is sweet and I'd love to pick one up, but then I'd fear a repress.
  2. lloydrx

    Wtb coheed sstb

    Yeah you're right I've bought things listed very conservatively so yeah its have to be vg+ at the least
  3. lloydrx

    Wtb coheed sstb

    Looking to buy sstb want to offer a fair price but just around $120 shipped. Obviously vg or vg+ and up. If anyone is willing to part with your copy let me know.
  4. This just came in after I emailed firebrand today Gnarlywood Customer Service(Firebrand Live) Apr 18, 15:19 PDT Hi, Thanks for writing in! Team NIN has informed us that the LP’s are still in production and will be providing an update soon. Unfortunately, that is the only information we have at the moment. As soon as your order ships you will receive a shipping confirmation so be on the look out for that to let you know it has shipped. Thank you for your patience,
  5. lloydrx

    Wtb: the mars volta - amputechture

    Fair enough. Let me know
  6. lloydrx

    Wtb: the mars volta - amputechture

    Thank you sir. Likewise
  7. The title says it all looking to buy the mars volta amputechture. Best offer wins
  8. lloydrx

    Record Store Day 2017

    Yeah I think that came out a little more harsh then I wanted. I just know there is a huge demand. Especially for good apollo vol 1 since its a first press. I hope I can snag one. I've been a fan since sstb though. They definitely aren't for everyone but have a lot of die hards.
  9. lloydrx

    Record Store Day 2017

    as uncool as it may seem to you and a lot of others on this thread, yes! I'm wondering if you've sold as many units of your album as they have.
  10. Mortification -scrolls of the megaloth. Austrailian Christian "death( or is it afterlife)" metal. From the era of hammer pants cut off black t shirts and white Nike high tops. Such such sweet memories
  11. lloydrx

    Spawn The Album

    If you go to musiconvinyl.com you can request a release. Of enough people request this it might just happen
  12. lloydrx

    Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    Anyone down for the crow soundtrack? That would be epic
  13. lloydrx

    Spawn The Album

    its a fantastic release. So stoked. Almost bought the 3x10" used for the same price i got this new. Now I just wish they'd press The Crow
  14. Just like I love TBS sophmore album because it had the same energy but was cleaner tighter and just better that's the way I feel about OLG. I love both records but neither of the debut's lived up to the follow ups.