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  1. Looks like the annopuncement was a show in LA: Performing live! Friday, April 28th 2023 Teragram Ballroom Los Angeles, CA USA All Ages Tickets available this Friday, 1/27 10am PST Teragramballroom.com
  2. yeah, bandcamp digital if it shows up there for sure.. $33 for a 10" is laughable at this point.
  3. YES!! New Night Demon Seems like plenty of colorways available, looks like Neon Yellow Haze, Black, Magenta, coke bottle clear, and Green https://nightdemon.bandcamp.com/
  4. Due to personal life events throughout the year, I feel I havn't listened / payed attention to enough newer stuff that was coming out.. Anyways, here's my top 20 albums of the year, They are in no particular order: Brutus - Unison Life Cave In - Heavy Pendulum Viagra Boys - Cave World Clutch - Sunrise on Slaughter Beach The Callous Daoboys - Celebrity Therapist Chat Pile - God's Country Sonja - Loud Arriver Mindforce - New Lords Bloodywood - Rakshak Wormrot - Hiss Bob Vylan - Presents The Price Of Life Municipal Waste - Electrified Brain Soul Glo - Diaspora Problems Porcupine Tree - Closure / Continuation Master Boot Record - Personal Computer Rammstein - Zeit Carpenter Brut - Leather Terror Drug Church - Hyigene Author & Punisher - Kruller Zeal & Ardor - Zeal & Ardor
  5. Had one from kickstarter days too and I have the same issue. also the o-ring constantly gets worn out depending on how often you change speeds.. for something they were touting as the best budget audiophile turntable, they kinda fucked up on that bit.
  6. Honestly, none of this really surprises me. We are at the point where the bands like NIN, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, hell even Jack White are becoming those "legacy Bands" A La Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Motorhead, Iron Maiden. Everyone will be touring until they are 6ft under. Their fans will continue to demand to see them, buy their stuff, and (I know this isn't the vast majority) potentially get richer as they age.
  7. I still have mine from back in the day, but it was when i was a lot bigger, so I can finally get one that fits me now.. so stoked! Thanks FUCK Sold out
  8. Should cover themes from Movies in the AFI (American Film Institute)
  9. bandcamp version here too: https://idlesband.bandcamp.com/album/five-years-of-brutalism
  10. just received and spun the counterfeit gold variant and it did not appear to have the skip
  11. peak and black is also on their bandcamp page https://fuckedup.bandcamp.com/album/one-day
  12. Ahh yes, some reason the shipping options were in Alphabetical order vs price order and my eyes just glossed over the $12.99 option hah
  13. $24 shipping.. soo $68.47 Shipped bout $34 per record.. seems pretty reasonable
  14. Dammit I want this, but I'll wait for a US distro to get it. $42 is a bit much for me right now
  15. Can't comment on how limited, but it can still be ordered on the matador store: https://store.matadorrecords.com/catalog/product/view/id/11260/s/queens-of-the-stone-age/category/2/
  16. Honeslty, AIC is one of those bands, where if a song comes on my shuffle play or some radio play, I need to start from We Die Young and end with All I Am.
  17. The non colored versions are $40 each. I would rather go for them personally UYI 1 https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13700394/guns-n-roses-use-your-illusion-i-2-lp UYI 2 https://www.ziarecords.com/p/1582551/guns-n-roses-use-your-illusion-ii-2-lp
  18. got a shipping notice from teh official store also
  19. It's a little annoying that this record is taking so long. I pre-ordered the latest cancer bats record a couple days ago from dina alone and already got a shipping notice for it
  20. The new single kicks ass: also looks like the digital single dust will be on this release too.
  21. New Brutus record is up for preorder from Evil Greed and Hello Merch. Unsure of pressing numbers, but there seems to be 4 variants I can find so far: Yellow/Orange Splatter (die cute sleeve): The Hello Merch version seems to depict an orangy haze in the middle? /800 https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/brutus/products/unison-life-deluxe-12-yellow-orange-splatter-vinyl https://evilgreed.net/collections/brutus/products/brutus-unison-life-deluxe-lp Cloudy Red (die cute sleeve) AKA Dinked Edition (apparently): https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/brutus/products/unison-life-deluxe-12-cloudy-red-vinyl also a bunch of stores here: https://brutus.ffm.to/unison_life-dinked Turquiose/Light blue /1000: https://evilgreed.net/collections/brutus/products/brutus-unison-life-lp Turquoise w/black/light blue splatter (retail version /3000): https://evilgreed.net/collections/brutus/products/brutus-unison-life-lp?variant=43606150676745 Indie Store edition is Transparent Orange: https://roughtrade.com/us/brutus/unison-life/lp-plus

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