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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if a lot of their shit is on hold cause of Taylor's death.
  2. Oh shit! Nice Ordered! Thanks for the heads up Looks like I nabbed the last one too.
  3. Times like this I get really pissed I didn't suck up the credit card debt and buy that huge box set of all the studio records years ago.
  4. any pressing! Both albums are just amazing to listen to!
  5. Just so I'm sure, the e-mail address that the Wednesday e-mail came from is the same that the Sunday e-mail will come from right?
  6. usually they put stuff up here: https://www.discogs.com/seller/lovegardensounds/profile Though I thought there was a thing where RSD leftovers were only supposed to appear online tomorrow or late tonight
  7. Would like to get a chance to get a non pic disc version of march on electric children
  8. I will need to keep eyes out for Ramones, Handsome Boy Modeling school, and/or Damned Hopefully you'll have them on sunday. unfortunately I no longer can go in person cause I moved
  9. Amazing!! This is got to be one of the most positive stories I've ever seen on this site and reaffirms why I love this group of misfits
  10. $17 shipped on bandcamp, plus you get the download unlike with current relapse stuff. https://ceremonyrohnertpark.bandcamp.com/album/vanity-spawned-by-fear I may just spend the $2.50 and get digitally
  11. Got mine yesterday too. And agreed, Dirty Secret came out super rad. Splatter seems more Gold than Copper.. still rad
  12. yeah, NB is a bit cray cray.. I went with what looks like the indie release: https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13542534/municipal-waste-electrified-brain-yellow-vinyl
  13. More version here: that Orange/Black is only on the Nuclear Blast EU store and has a Spring20 code for 20% off making it about $35 shipped to the US https://www.municipalwaste.net/electrified-brain
  14. I've been in Minneapolis this weekend when I heard the news. Seeing the concert ad outside the Vikings stadium saying they were going to play on 8/3 and Taylor was there honestly hit me hard. Dude was always a monster. I remember the first time I saw him play was when he was Alanis Morrisette's drummer when she performed on Letterman for the first time. The rest of the band and for the most part Alanis just kinda stood there and doing the normal 90's stuff, and he was behind the set playing You Outta Know like he was fucking Keith Moon. It was great. Dude had the same energy fucking 30+ years later when I last saw the Foos. It was incredible. RIP man.
  15. I got mine on Monday so yeah, these have definitly been on hand.. probably put up the pre-order when they got shipping notice from the plant.
  16. I usually just cut it off the plastic wrap after opening the record and storing it either inside the sleeve or outside the cover when stored in a resealable jacket
  17. Orange/Mint Split Vinyl LP | 300 edition (Store Exclusive) Is this the band's store exclusive?? Dais doesn't offer it on their dropdown. Also hilarious that Rough Trade is calling the Neon Yellow a Rough Trade Exclusive: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/spice/viv/lp-plus-2

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