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  1. honestly why even have a subscription (I question the same with 3rd man vault too where you can also subscribe, then cancel)
  2. https://interscope.com/pages/interscope-vinyl-collective sign ups are here.. LOL WTF? Already announced a price increase come March $45.00 per month Dr. Dre's – “The Chronic” 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. Individually numbered. Limited to 2,500 units. Alternate black cover with foil printing featuring Chronic green vinyl. Exclusively available to Interscope Vinyl Collective members. Sign up now for $45/month through 2/29/24. Beginning March 1, 2024, monthly Subscription prices will increase to $48/month for new and existing subscribers. Subscriptions are subject to terms and conditions. Update: Shipping Is Free for US Customers.. Tax isn't soo $48 montly after taxes for me, not going to pull the trigger as I don't need this one. but if they come out with something I may want later, I may bite.
  3. I do give them props for moving past the Alice In Chains cover band that they were and making a successful career of orignal stuff. After this record though everything was just bland milquetoast, 2000s rock appealing to state fair goers.
  4. 35 quid and 40 euros for a single lp? .. I can't any more with these prices, this far ahead of release.
  5. Was there a price difference between bandcamp and band's site? Wanna know how much sigs go for these days
  6. Most likely as orders are going to be fulfilled by partisan.
  7. This was random but cool, Rough trade has n exclusive pressing of SS Decontrol - The Kids Will Have Their Say: /300 on Blue https://www.roughtrade.com/en-us/product/ssd/the-kids-will-have-their-say
  8. Considering the price for the other merch around this release, I would expect this reissue to be at least $80
  9. https://thechronicmasters.interscope.com/products/the-session-tapes-floating-wall-shelf Someone took the Tool Masterclass on Merch $1250 for a shelf made of plywood and aluminum panels
  10. Anyone else remember the controversy that was AFI vs Thursday for the look of the liner notes of Sing the Sorrow and this record? That was a fun time. also was 20 years ago
  11. I'm with you on this one also hope you can sign up and skip as with gimme metal's subscription did
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interscope_Records_discography I For one am hoping for a full reissue of Akinyele - Vagina Diner
  13. Ahh yes, when the box set preorders are due to drop for next xmas delivery
  14. WTF? for $125 they could have included the damned usb cable.. hell that new Tool CD came with one and that had a small monitor playing some BS stage show animation.
  15. I think the $50 price tag turned a lot of people off hence why they are still available. I for one can't wait to get it
  16. Just found out that Handsome Boy Modeling School made a new Record back in March specifically for Ford's Gin called Music To Drink Martinis To. From Hypebeast: "Two tracks from Music to Drink Martinis To are available for streaming online but the rest can only be heard exclusively on vinyl. Available now, the vinyl will ship out with purchases from Fords Gin via Reserve Bar, with prices starting at $28.99 USD. " So if you are over 21, like a good martini and Handsome Boy Modeling School, this may be rad. https://www.fordsgin.com/music-to-drink-martinis-to/ Order here: https://www.reservebar.com/products/fords-gin-music-to-drink-martinis-to-bundle/GROUPING-2028598.html It's about $53 shipped for the record and bottle of gin, so not too bad price wise
  17. Green Version is on Bandcamp: https://paintitblack.bandcamp.com/album/famine-2
  18. That Air-Freshener is going to be Shit scented.. I guarantee it Honestly, considering how much I dropped on those Metallica Box Set and how much I listen to any of the content that isn't the actual record I'm over these one album box set. Gimme a full Green Day set when they retire with all the records.
  19. yeah I'm going to wait to see the indie on this, I'm sure someone like bullmoose or zia will have an exclusive pressing.

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