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  1. I received Gold with red, yellow, and blue rings Gold with grey rings and Blue with grey rings So I guess there's more than three variants.
  2. Just picked up an in store exclusive. Ugliest purple vinyl I've ever seen. You guys are better off with the online exclusive pink. Also the band wasn't there yet so no signed copies.
  3. A label called Leroy St Records put out the vinyl. I managed to grab both variants right when he released them, but I think the label went under right after that because no one ever heard from them after that. Mike even had a hard time getting copies for himself.
  4. This was already pressed though. I own a copy. If you guys were gonna do an Asian Man record, why not do one that hasn't been pressed? Like the third chinkees album. Or the third Slow Gherkin album. Or the last Mu330 album.
  5. Did you specify what color you wanted when you ordered?
  6. Got my order from Hellfish today and they sent me the 2nd press coke bottle clear, which I already have. Anyone else have the same problem? What's the best way to contact them?
  7. It sounds like this was a really fun time. Wish I could have made it.
  8. Nice. I got the boring black/grey one from No idea. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3ksuviBnU1qiy8ll.jpg Packaging and vinyl is pretty low quality but that's the name of the game sometimes.