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  1. Looks like this things headed in the right direction. Putting up a few things on ebay to get my money ready
  2. At least they remixed everything, gives me a reason to buy it. Here's hoping the remixes don't suck. I would have given the tapes to the All/Descendents dudes they did a great job on that All best of.
  3. Got one. Kinda glad I held out, though I'm not big on white vinyl. Which color is the main album on?
  4. Definately their 2 best, I want ATCMM so bad. I'm not feeling this new one yet...didn't like Black Rose or Burning Fire, though Great Depression has grown on me.
  5. Like the idea but a lot of these bands only have a couple albums, besides propaghandi but I personally don't agree with that one.
  6. Man, I told myself I was giving up 7"...so tempting. Wouldn't it be cool if they recorded something new!
  7. Almost forgot about 311 day. Don't wanna be a downer but as time goes on I seem to care less and less. Seems like they downgrade after every three albums. I still stick up for them though and live they're usually great. 1. S/T 2. Grassroots 3. Music . 4. Soundsytem 5. From Chaos 6. Transistor . 7. Uplifter 8. Evolver 9. Don't Tread On Me
  8. Someone signed the record, wow. I'm sure you'll still do great on this.
  9. I SO want in on this but family, mortgage, loads of bills etc. have me saying no. Glad I went when I was young.
  10. Just got my sleeve, Inside "My Funeral" and it looks awesome. Don't hesitate people.
  11. Never thought I'd see this. Please, please, please don't dissappoint

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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