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  1. Bought some records and got shipping confirmation a few hours later, which is solid!
  2. PM sent, he responded, we made a deal.....buy some records
  3. Quickest response i've ever gotten on the board.....really fair prices too. Buy some records!!
  4. I've listened to the song Aletta about 100 times, so good. Had a hard time listening to the interviews, too depressing.
  5. It's ridiculous how long this is taking. If they had all these releases going at the same time, bring a few people in to help send them out. I won't get mine until 3 weeks after release when I ordered it a month before.
  6. I went to 3 different stores in Seattle before finding a copy. Good luck!
  7. Scored both of these in Seattle, and I didn't have to wait in line!
  8. List updated. All things paid for shipped this morning
  9. I haven't done any selling on this board, but I have done some buying. My last purchase was from user Benchwarmer, if you need a reference. I'm just looking to move some stuff that I don't listen to anymore. I've currently have 6 mailers, help me fill them up. $10 minimum, add $3.50 for shipping. All records listed are LPs, hence the title. Aficionado- Aficionado $5 pending Bonnie "Prince" Billy- The Letting Go- $5 pending Career Suicide- Career Suicide- $7 Ceremony- Still, Nothing Moves You-$8 Death- For the Whole World to See- $10 The Evens- Get Even- $5 Forward to Death- Death Therapy- $4 Trap Them- Sleepwell Deconstructor- $8
  10. 80. kywonderboy 111. RAD If you aren't this movie, then your time has past and you need to move the fuck on son!

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