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  1. ordered, now what's the deal with this instant download, am I supposed to get it right away?
  2. Hold Fast on crooks ave in Asbury Park, NJ. Very fair and resonable prices. Plus he's really good at finding stuff for customers as well.
  3. Dude, they were brother n sister but I think they secretly banged.
  4. Somewhere out there Eve 6 is stoked they were mentioned on a thread. Good for them.
  5. Anyone know when the single for American Slang will be released?
  6. You know what Hickey, you're right. It kinda came off as they were attacking Walmart, it doesn't matter either way since I rarely go there. I guess it's a necessary evil. JUst one of those moves I happened to catch when I was home bored.
  7. When you have a moment, check this movie out. You can stream it instantly if you have netflix. Pretty interesting. http://www.walmartmovie.com/
  8. I saw them in passing, it looked like records would fit from where I was standing, didn't even bother to read dimmensions...........
  9. I'm listenning to "The Sounds of Dying" right now. I wish I knew when exactly it's coming out, I don't trust this pre order shit, especially from here. But yes, killer album............
  10. Home Depot has bootleg expedits for cheap, between 30 and 40 bucks. Check it. http://ext.homedepot.com/www/shoe/index.html#shelving
  11. Matt has a pretty awesome voice, shit I thought this would never see the light of day, gonna have to pick it up.
  12. You know you gotta be pretty creepy when it even comes out in your emails. This dude is like "Van with no windows and full of candy by the grammer school" creepy. Stay away...........
  13. Wow, you told me there............... Too bad some don't get sarcasm when printed.
  14. NICE ! ! ! ! ! ! Now I have a reason to not off myself. Least till then...................
  15. I got me one of them GE Wildcats for my office at work so when I get new records in the mail, I can play them right away............