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  1. 25th Anniversary pressing of Face to Face - Big Choice https://fatwreck.com/collections/face-to-face/products/big-choice-remastered EDIT: Colored vinyl is sold out...
  2. I was missing All on grey and a black first press of Everything Sucks. I have since tracked both of them down, partially due to this thread (thanks @Puthextallin!). I don't have an original pressing of Somery or the Feel This flexi that was given away with the Santa Cruz decks, but otherwise I'm considering this complete. I know there are some random color pressings of some SST things, but I'm not worried about tracking those down.
  3. Cool. Thanks for the update! I always end up spending way too much money when something Descendents related comes out.
  4. All I'm seeing on the EU/UK site is a clear w/ black 7" limited to 500. Was their a white posted too?
  5. There is also a white US / 500 that isn't listed on the main site and was sent out via email. https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/descendents/view/?id=11306 Hoping that if there is something similar on the EU/UK site that someone posts a link!
  6. Same here. Sad. Almost as sad as seeing a location of Tacoma. Move back to Seattle.
  7. I don't have any info on it. I have one copy with a purple cover that says DESCENDENTS on the label and another copy with a pink cover that has blank white labels. I'm guessing pressing info for these things will never surface.
  8. Posted this in the Hypercaffium thread, but thought I would add the picture here too. Only a few things missing and would love some help finding a copy of All on grey from the original '87 color pressing.
  9. Decided to take a picture since all of my copies have shown up. Anyone else notice that the European copies have a matte black cover while the US copies are shiny? While I was at it, I took a copy of my updated Descendents collection. Only a few things missing.
  10. The one Andy posted above is the silver black that he ordered from Banquet. I have received the clear black and the silver black and they look very similar.
  11. Saw him earlier this week with Chuck Ragan and he had copies of this for sale.
  12. I wonder if Blue will be a tour only color that you have to get from one of the shows coming up this fall. If that's the case I just hope they are still available when the shows happen in the Northwest.
  13. Thanks! It started working and I was able to order. I now have way too many copies of this record...
  14. Did the Hot Topic version already sell out online? I checked all morning and it wasn't there. Came back from lunch and it's there but showing as sold out.