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  1. Just in case anyone doesn’t have enough versions of this record yet...Sea blue / 2000. Released a month after all the other versions. https://descendents.store/product/19402/9th-walnut-lp-sea-blue
  2. Coretex has an aqua / 325 and an indie edition electric blue. I think that brings the total up to ten different versions 🥴 https://coretexrecords.com/Descendents-9th-Walnut-PRE-ORDER_9
  3. Truly painful day to be a Descendents collector...reminds me of when Hypercaffium came out. I’m a little surprised there isn’t an Epitaph US store version. Their site only has black copies and cds. That being said...I’m so stoked to hear these songs! I love the thought of something that bridges the gap from Ride the Wild / Hectic World to Milo Goes to College. Hoping the rest of the record sounds like the one song that has already been posted.
  4. This was a fun (expensive) morning. Thanks to everyone who posted links!
  5. Nope. Also ordered from Midheaven and mine is normal. Bummer.
  6. 25th Anniversary pressing of Face to Face - Big Choice https://fatwreck.com/collections/face-to-face/products/big-choice-remastered EDIT: Colored vinyl is sold out...
  7. I was missing All on grey and a black first press of Everything Sucks. I have since tracked both of them down, partially due to this thread (thanks @Puthextallin!). I don't have an original pressing of Somery or the Feel This flexi that was given away with the Santa Cruz decks, but otherwise I'm considering this complete. I know there are some random color pressings of some SST things, but I'm not worried about tracking those down.
  8. Cool. Thanks for the update! I always end up spending way too much money when something Descendents related comes out.
  9. All I'm seeing on the EU/UK site is a clear w/ black 7" limited to 500. Was their a white posted too?
  10. There is also a white US / 500 that isn't listed on the main site and was sent out via email. https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/descendents/view/?id=11306 Hoping that if there is something similar on the EU/UK site that someone posts a link!
  11. Same here. Sad. Almost as sad as seeing a location of Tacoma. Move back to Seattle.
  12. I don't have any info on it. I have one copy with a purple cover that says DESCENDENTS on the label and another copy with a pink cover that has blank white labels. I'm guessing pressing info for these things will never surface.
  13. Posted this in the Hypercaffium thread, but thought I would add the picture here too. Only a few things missing and would love some help finding a copy of All on grey from the original '87 color pressing.
  14. Decided to take a picture since all of my copies have shown up. Anyone else notice that the European copies have a matte black cover while the US copies are shiny? While I was at it, I took a copy of my updated Descendents collection. Only a few things missing.

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