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  1. Looking for an “unofficial RSD release” Wingspan OST. Please hit me up if you come across one!
  2. yeah they are, just ordered the Sonny Boy soundtracks from 'em and they came in great shape
  3. I got: Hospital Ships– The Past Is Not a Flood The Stargazer Lilies – Lost Not familiar w/ either of those, excited to check em out.
  4. Saw the album name, and I thought, “huh, is that a Dark Souls reference?” Saw the first single title, “yep, definitely.”
  5. "Are you planning on attending Camp Caspian?" 12%: Yes. But haven't bought just yet. 88%: Love the idea but can't afford it/won't be able to attend.
  6. Are people actually going? The poll in their IG story was brutal.
  7. It's a cool concept, but $400 per person is insane... I'd understand *maybe* if that was per family/couple. Tent camping is usually like $15-20 a night for the site, regardless of how many people you have with you. What's all that extra money going towards?
  8. Hey @museummouth, will there be any options to get this domestically?
  9. I tried to find a topic about this, but nothing came up.... Yo, this release is absolutely incredible. Double album spread across 4LPs. Achingly beautiful ambient/post-whatever music. Super emotionally intense. Spinning the records now and the pressing is pristine. If you're a fan of Sigur Ros or Jonsi & Alex, this is for you. Siblings | Alex Somers (bandcamp.com)
  10. it was happening to me the other day when i went to login but it seems to be resolved
  11. white copy from milan sounded good. they use the worst mailers in the world though.
  12. will evermore be going up on spotify? never thought i'd be counting hours to a new taylor swift record, but here we are, 2020 lol
  13. tracklist is there, but otherwise yeah. par for the iam8bit course. TRACKLIST [A Side] 01. Gravity Falls Theme Song 02. Let's Rewind 03. Gobblewonker Chase 04. Pig Is Soos 05. Book Discovery - Gideon's Theme 06. Wax Battle 07. Boyz Crazy Medley 08. Let's Do This 09. Is It Bottomless - Triangulum Entagulum 10. ybmaL A stnaW ohW 11. Fight Fighters - Battle Suite 12. Blanchin' [B Side] 01. Finally I Have Them All 02. Gideon's Song 03. It's All Let Up To This 04. Working Girls 05. Gnome Chase 06. Gideon Rises - End Credits 07. Who's That Girl 08. Fiddleford Hadron Magucket 09. Stan Wrong Song 10. A Very Tricky Triangle 11. DISCO GIRL (dub) [C Side] 01. A World of Enchantment or Whatever - I Came Up With A Plan 02. The Two Kids Who Ruined My Life 03. Everything Changes Today 04. TIME BATTLE!!! 05. Blackened Skies 06. Don't Let Them Escape 07. I Wanna Be Exes 08. I Need That Machine To Stay On 09. Yeah Dude Friends - Your Fighting Only Makes Us Look More Rad 10. Takin' Over 2 Nite [D Side] 01. Mabel It's Bill 02. Goat and a Pig 03. Weirdmageddon Pt. 1 - Suite 04. Giggle Creek 05. Bill Tricked Me 06. My Heart Is Made of Rainbows 07. I'm a Flippin' Corduroy 08. Saying Goodbye to Gravity Falls 09. Weirdmageddon Pt. 4 - End Credits 10. Grvatiy lFals ehTme (s'lliB deppohC dna dewercS ximeR) 11. We'll Meet Again
  14. it's amazing, really hoping for a physical release
  15. I think this is a collection of vocal tracks, not sure if the score is actually featured.
  16. if someone comes across 'heart of batman' or 'synecdoche, new york' please let me know!
  17. batman


    https://imgur.com/a/dKBFVZr Asking $250 including priority USPS Condtion: Factory sealed, sharp corners, some minor ring wear

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