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  1. grabbed a pink and white the other day, missed the test press
  2. Same, here. The variant looks awesome but it was gone before i got through checkout. Picked up Black and Clear of "The Loser" though so all is well.
  3. I went through the whole check out process with it and then when it should've given me the order confirmation I got "sold out your cart is empty" message. bummer
  4. /1000 didn't make it through the check out process for me. Got a /2000. That had to be under a minute for the /1000 to sell out
  5. 04/10/22 show at Saint Vitus is also a benefit for Gospel drummers daughter. She was diagnosed with cancer and the show as well as the auction at the show is to raise money for expenses.
  6. got a spinning wheel for check out and then it was gone. bummer
  7. Might as well throw in...I hope they can someday put out "No Traffic" on vinyl.
  8. "No Traffic" needs to be pressed on Vinyl. That record is a gem
  9. I picked up a clear copy. You can't go wrong with a Hellacopters record
  10. Mine came without a cover as well. I still think it's amazing that they sent us all another color but it's confusing the pressing #'s with vague answers
  11. We all received the original Orange/Blue and then we all received a Blue/light Blue replacement (without cover). The original 500 Orange are in homes, now they have a rebranded Orange /500 up for sale and its the exact color as the original just named different.