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  1. Absolutely!!! "Obscenity in the Milk" Is the most underrated and under appreciated record of the late 90's NYHC scene along with Mind Over Matter "Auto Manipulation". I wish both would get reissued so more people would get exposed to them. My band Herjaza recorded a song called "Thrillhaus" as an Ode' to Milhouse. Herjaza : THRILLHAUS
  2. Same here, finally had a day off with nothing to do. Oh well, grabbed a white and ill look for a red a blue down the road.
  3. Picked up the tour variant. Its also Bandcamp friday good day to make that purchase if you're on the fence.
  4. Stoked for new Metz, in for a Loser and Bullmoose.
  5. I've been jamming "OOH LA LA" with the windows rolled down as often as possible. can't wait to hear more
  6. Yup, server is taking a hit but nothing is showing up yet
  7. Didn't see this until today. Missed the Clear/Burgundy and almost passed with the price tag BUT eventually caved and ordered. My buddy @GradedOnACurve talked me into it