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  1. Stoked for new Metz, in for a Loser and Bullmoose.
  2. I've been jamming "OOH LA LA" with the windows rolled down as often as possible. can't wait to hear more
  3. Yup, server is taking a hit but nothing is showing up yet
  4. Didn't see this until today. Missed the Clear/Burgundy and almost passed with the price tag BUT eventually caved and ordered. My buddy @GradedOnACurve talked me into it
  5. I enjoyed the two songs posted on bandcamp. went in on a glitter copy
  6. Warrior Soul had a "big" song called "The Losers" back in like 89-90, then another song "The wasteland" maybe 91-92. They were popular when MTV had Alternative Nation on. They used to play some pretty mixed bills in the NYC area when they were coming up. They had some connections to earlier punk bands. I definitely saw them on some punk/metal shows back in the day and then they got signed and started touring with Queensryche and larger metal acts of those years.
  7. Picked up the CC variant last night but I’m also feeling that DW
  8. I should've just bought from the Euro Store when it went up early. Waited for the US store and it was gone before i could get through check out. Bummer
  9. Just a heads up, all the variants are still available via Hello merch