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  1. Song rips. Video is fun. I love the nods to "I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore" with Jason lol.
  2. Good to know. Hopefully I remember to do that next time I go to post an image which isn't very often). Didn't seem to need to make an account, just upload photos and get a link?
  3. Also seems photobucket is now forcing huge water marks onto their images? Anybody know a kickstarter for a image hosting platform? Ideally looking to spend in the $300-$400 range. Gotta get those perks. But seriously, how to I upload images to this board with out those annoying water marks?
  4. Standard brush, readily available at most record shops for $10-$15 bucks. Turn in vertically, charge $499? You're on to something.
  5. Got my NOFX 7" package today. You guys peel off those made in CZ stickers on the back of the jackets? I sorta wanna try, they're going to be an eye sore when you line them all up to look at the bigger picture it makes and there's 12 of those little stickers on the corner of each jacket.
  6. Anybody see this on NOFX's instagram a few days ago? Look's like the 7" subs are gonna start shipping real soon! https://www.instagram.com/p/B0hDYT5nfYe/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  7. These threads hurt my brain. I'm foolishly still following on page 7 waiting for a semi rare-ish variant to pop up. This happens every time. I guess the jokes on me for coming back.
  8. I pretty much love everything except Kintsugi. Don't get my wrong, Transatlanticism and Plans were the shit growing up, but now a days I'd actually prefer Narrow Stairs. I think that's their best album. Weezer puts shit out annually for the sole purpose of "cashing in" on fans. Some of those albums are so mediocre at best, have no memorable parts, or anything. DCFC records don't seem to have dropped to that quality yet. I won't argue they're past their peak, but I still check out and enjoy most of their releases. I can't say the same for Weezer.
  9. Damn. That's super soon to be hitting the studio after dropping an LP in the late summer. Hopefully these guys don't become the new Weezer and just churn out an LP every 9 months and release complete garbage. At least in my group of friends the general feelings towards TYFT was pretty meh. I really like it. Especially coming off of Kintsugi, which didn't do much for me at all.
  10. Thanks for the heads up! Just grabbed it from there. Anybody know if these are B-Sides from Thank You For Today? Seems a little soon for new material already. I think that's what The Open Door EP is for Narrow Stairs, and that came out shortly after Narrow Stairs. Either way I'm in. I loved TYFT.
  11. Also anybody have preorder details. Is this the link? https://blink182merch.com/ And midnight California time? So 3:00am for us east coasters? I don't mind setting an alarm and ordering this quickly on my phone. Haven't liked any of the singles so far, but it's Blink I'll give every record they do a chance.
  12. Is nobody counting Mark Tom and Travis Show as an album?
  13. Grabbed a bundle. I love the new song. I dig the shirt, and there aren't too many tegan and sara shirts I would wear. Plus you get that over sized signed poster!
  14. Got my copy from Smart Punk today. Looks great. But in typically AtoZ Media fashion, my download card timed out and didn't work. I feel like their codes give me trouble more often than they actually work.
  15. I'm going to Penn State for a hockey game on 9/16. I'll have the majority of the day to spend in the town. For some reason I thought it was right outside Pittsburgh and was just planning to spend the day there, but now I'm realizing it's a few hours away. Anybody know anything cool to check out in the area? Any good spots to get some vegan food?
  16. haha. Even in my peak of vinyl collecting I never understood variant collecting. The only band I ever did that for was Crime In Stereo. It was expensive and not enjoyable lol.
  17. A few years ago I probably would try to cancel my order with Bullmoose and grab this. Now....just doesn't seem worth the hassle. Plus Bull moose has always been good to me, I'd feel like an asshole doing that to them.
  18. Didn't realize the OG was so valuable. I must have bought it on a whim when it came out, listened to the first couple tracks one time, and then put it on the shelf for years. This thread inspired me to listen to the first few songs for the first time in years lol.
  19. I went for it. Missed the peacock. Hoping this is /500 as well. And if not, it's a bit cheaper than ordering if from overseas.
  20. Is that peach swirl variant also limited to /500? Or has that not been confirmed?
  21. Oh damn. Thanks for looking that up. Was $36 bucks retail on that? I don't think I want it that bad. I spent just over $20 shipped on Frankenstein girls and was hoping to spend the same on this. But I guess not.
  22. Was it determined if this is still available anywhere? After listing to Frankenstein Girls I've been on a little kick lately.
  23. Thanks! I grabbed a copy of it for myself. I have a buddy who's local and wanted a few things as well so I was even able to split the shipping!
  24. I can't speak on behalf of the vinyl, but I used to have this CD version of it when I was a teenager. I remember the quality being awful. It just started in the middle of track 1, like the first 30 second of the first song were cut off. And the recording sounded really bad. It was so crappy that I never bothered listening to it, and H2O was one of my favorite bands in high school.