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  1. Just to clarify, regardless of the headings on my Dead Format page, everything is potentially up for grabs.
  2. Send me offers on everything. I will throw in freebies if you want more than one thing. https://deadformat.net/tradelist/hubleybomb
  3. So excited to finally own something by Chvrches on vinyl that didn't destroy my bank.
  4. I was second in line at Sonic Boom in Toronto and managed to grab the majority of what I was after. I picked up: -Best Coast -Lonely Island -Manchester Orchestra/Grouplove/Frightened Rabbit -Phoenix -South Park -Titus Andronicus Still looking for: -CHVRCHES (Europe/Australia) -The Hold Steady -Jimmy Eat World If you can help me out with any of those I will pay handsomely.
  5. Still looking for Hold Steady, Jimmy Eat World, and CHVRCHES. If anyone can help me out I will be greatly appreciative.
  6. Where is everyone in Toronto going? Thinking about hitting Sonic Boom at 10, then Rotate at 11.
  7. Got my shipping confirmation today, Really glad I held out on buying this for so long.
  8. Check out my list. What's up for sale/trade is marked. Deals for multiple items, and I may even throw in something for free if you spend enough. Really only looking for non-punk trades (indie, electro, folk, etc.) http://deadformat.net/tradelist/hubleybomb Big wants right now are: -M83 stuff I don't have, especially singles -Any Valerie collective stuff (College, Anoraak, etc) -Starfucker (limited stuff) -Any Generationals stuff
  9. If anyone has an extra copy, any color, please let me know. I need it for my friends birthday, but it appears to be sold out on Kingsroad.