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  1. Still holding onto those two copies. Someone HAS to grab them soon though! We are considering doing a second run of these with different color prints as well. Maybe.
  2. The LP+Tee bundles are sold out, there are only 2 LPs left and there are a small handful of cassettes and tees remaining. Act now!
  3. I would love to make that Pax Cecilia happen. I suspect you would be one of the few interested parties, however. Maybe I will pitch it to Kent...
  4. Did you see that TAAS played a small, impromptu reunion set in Seattle last night?! http://www.brooklynvegan.com/these-arms-are-snakes-played-a-show-video/ Related: I have about 6-10 copies of this split left before it is out of print. This reunion has some new sales coming through. Stop sleepin' y'all.
  5. Of course it would sound the same. It was the same plates, I am sure. Once again, a little reminder that HT is not a record label, but rather a retailer. The label produced two variants and HT just had their own color. They will sound the same.
  6. I'm thinking about making a screen printed cover for the botched record. I don't want it to just chill all alone, but I also don't want to throw it away. First world problems, I tell ya.
  7. That is definitely a 12", and I hope that it is the Blood Moon set. The clips I heard sounded killer!
  8. TFIWKUH is also the favorite LP of the band members, I learned recently. I can't get past the Albini production, but apparently that's their favorite part. Haha
  9. I will do a more formal vinyl update when I get back from Virginia Beach, but here is the short version: I had to literally show up at the pressing plant and bully them for some copies on Wednesday night so that I could bring them to the album releases shows in DC and VB this weekend. They aren't done pressing them all yet, but I have the black variant and the clear w/ black smoke variant in my hands. I'm still making the slip covers for the black copies, but I will begin shipping whatever orders I can on Monday! The rest shouldn't be too far out.
  10. I might be willing to screen print some jackets for some tests. However, it really is a pain to do one-offs. What price range are you guys looking to keep these at/around?
  11. I was being a smart ass. I'm super stoked on an 8" and would much prefer it over a 12". I also gladly ordered it from TC so that I didn't have to wait for HM to sort their shit out.
  12. Why are we mad about this being an 8" record? I have my pitchfork ready, but I also appreciate that they did something unique. SO CONFLICTED Also, HelloMerch is totally boned right now. The whole site is down. Haha
  13. Initial response has been strong! Thanks to everyone for the support already! The black copies are just about gone. There are a few copies dedicated for bundles, but only about 2-3 left to purchase on their own. Just a heads up!
  14. We always send out preorders to folks on the mailing list first. If you hadn't signed up before noon today, you didn't get the email. That being said, send me your email address in a PM and I'll forward you the email.
  15. Dude, that package weighs more than 3 standard LPs. Even at $25, I lost money shipping to most places around the globe. :-( We keep it as low as humanly possible! It might not look like it in photos, but I assure you that the entire kit and caboodle is monstrous - hence the high shipping costs. In fact, it weighs so much that group buys make it worse. Ha! I had a couple people go in and place one order and shipping jumped to almost $52. I only charged them $40 and then I had to pay for the mailer, packing supplies etc. They won that round!
  16. All great questions! 50 Black (with special die-cut slipcover, hand numbered), 150 clear w/ black smoke, 100 each of all of the other colors Black is not 180g, but we are pressing these at Rainbo and they tend to run heavier than 150g (ask anyone with a Harkonen/TAAS split) This will be available through every major digital outlet and is currently available for preorder through iTunes if that's your bag
  17. Yeah. This would have been instantly noticed on the test pressing. I guess we have definitive proof that Epitaph doesn't even bother listening to those shiny black things that they get in the mail! Haha

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