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  1. Nottttt really. You'd be better off getting a 4xLP with those funds and then saving pennies for the OG 3xLP pressing.
  2. In this thread: People who have absolutely no idea how licensing versus retailing works, yet can squarely identify source audio beyond the shadow of a doubt. It would behoove many of you to do some research on the MANY steps that take place with audio recording, mixing, mastering, cutting the lacquers, making the stampers and pressing records so that you can see how many opportunities there are to fuck up an LP pressing. Even the purest source audio does nothing if it's not mixed/mastered for vinyl. From there, if the lacquers aren't cut adequately, it's toast, etc etc.
  3. All of the 3xLP boots sound pretty terrible. The outer edges of each record have like a warbly sound to them. It slowly improves as you get closer to the label, which is rather odd. I'm an SP completist, so I have both the black and the clear boots.
  4. I'm listening to that Del Mar bootleg right now, and here are my thoughts: • it's a nice quiet pressing • it is suffering from just your typical live audio - vocals that sometimes overtake everything, a little muddy • it is edited since it was a radio broadcast. It is edited poorly every time Billy swears. LOL • they kept the radio announcer in the audio, and he sometimes breaks into a "STAY TUNED FOR MORE SMASHING PUMPKINS" in the middle of a side. Seems like it would've been easy enough to edit out? tl;dr: it's a decent boot. I feel I got exactly what I expected out of it.
  5. I have some Gloria Record I can part with. Send me an offer and we can make it happen!
  6. Being a Thrice completist means that I need to ask if any EU VCers would be so kind as to help me out! I'll be sure to compensate accordingly!
  7. How about: "The next person named Billy who buys a copy and then makes a post on FB gets a test. He only has to tag Mind Over Matter Records so we see it." Someone sold a copy on eBay today and it sold for $52 after shipping, so I feel like I need to get the word out more so that people aren't paying flipper prices while it's still readily available. *eye roll emoji*
  8. I'll bite on the colored version with just that one single. I have hope!
  9. Yeah, I put in a bid. Here's hoping that Cathy accepts it, because there are a LOT of goodies in there!
  10. Yeah, I put in a bid. Here's hoping that Cathy accepts it, because there are a LOT of goodies in there!
  11. Damn. It took me 90 minutes?! Haha! Okay, so NOW all of our preorders are shipped. ;-) im thinking about giving away another TJT test. What kind of contest should I do? Also, tell your friends about this monster of a release. I still have a good handful left and they are taking up all of my space!
  12. I already ordered a copy from bandcamp, so I am really having to fight the urge to buy one of those lavish editions...
  13. This new song is GREAT. Sean is one of my favorite vocalists as well - such a distinct sound. Very excited for the whole record!
  14. My copy of WTKSP isn't awful...but Paegan Terrorism is unlistenable. I would be interested to see/hear a vid, but also if you can share the matrix/runout info? If it's the same master, I am sure it sounds the same.
  15. Good looking out! It's a bit pricey for me, but I'll haggle. ;-)
  16. I probably sank a little more time than I should have into this effort, but I wanted to showcase my Chelsea Wolfe collection and plead that you guys chip in and help me fill in the last three pieces that I need to complete the set! A few nerdy notes: The two Pendu presses of Apokalypsis can be told apart by the barcode on the back as well as the center labels. The "barcode pressing" has slightly more yellowed center labels than the first press without the barcode. Recently, Abyss was repressed on clear and transparent blue vinyl. These are actually entirely new pressings with new plates, jackets, etc. The first four pressings are on reverse board jackets and have a note that says "C & P 2015 Sargent House" underneath the barcode, but the new pressings are just regular matte jackets without the C & P notice. Also, the matrix and runouts are different. If I had to guess, the first four pressings seem to be from Pirate's Press while the newer two look like they were pressed at either Raino or Erika. I got lucky and won the test for Pain Is Beauty on eBay...haven't seen any other tests of her stuff come up before or after that moment. Sargent House and Pendu must've kept those very much in house.
  17. Two things: 1.) If you haven't listened to that Sunndrug single yet, you're a FOOL! This record is insanely good and I can't wait to share more singles with you guys! 2.) All of the TJT preorders have shipped and we are 100% caught up on all mail order. In other words, whatever it is that you are waiting on from us...it's in the mail. <3
  18. Hello all! I am three pieces away from having a full Chelsea Wolfe collection and I'm turning to VC to help me finish this up! I have funds in the PayPal account or we can discuss trades. Let's do this!!! Latitudes "Prayer For The Unborn" 12" (Black) The Grime And The Glow 12" (Black, Humanist Records Pressing) Chelsea Wolfe & King Dude Sing More Songs 7" (Black & White Swirl)
  19. Nope. I'm gonna bump this again so that everyone listens to Metavari. Seriously guys.
  20. Also, I should add this: Before I get a million PMs and emails, please check the tracking number in your PayPal. I've only got about 40-50 more to mail out and they should go out tomorrow. Odds are in your favor that your order is in transit! Be patient, my friends. The estimated release date is 8/19, so these are all just early shipments because we are awesome like that (and my house needed the space back). :-)
  21. Yes. You should definitely be very concerned. Just kidding. ;-) What's your real name? I can see if yours is still pending shipment or if it's hit the mail already. We don't send out separate tracking emails, but I printed the vast majority of the shipping labels and I have been making daily trips to the Post Office. You can view your tracking info via PayPal. Also, CA residents were forced to pay for priority shipping because it's hotter than the surface of the sun out here and I didn't want a bunch of warped records, so your buddy's delivered in one day when yours would take at least a full week from CA to SC (assuming that Bell Gardens didn't hold it hostage for a few days).