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  1. What color is the Year Of No Light? If it's not black, consider it sold! I need the red variant to round out my YONL collection...
  2. The only RSD title that I wasn't able to secure. I don't want it to flip, I just want a copy in my collection. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price - we all know it's worth a fortune on ebay, but if you are a serious collector willing to help another serious collector out, drop me a message. Also willing to trade. I have a pretty good selection of test presses and rarities. Let's chat.
  3. Thanks to all for your patience with the POs. These were hand-screened by the label and also hand assembled and numbered. It took us longer than anticipated to get it all wrapped up, but we are super proud of the final result and this is an album that has long deserved the vinyl treatment - your ears won't be disappointed.