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  1. Christ... I missed out yet again?! Fucking work... Anyone have an extra copy of either color?
  2. 1. NOFX 2. The Replacements 3. The Beatles 4. Pavement 5. Archers of Loaf Also: The Lawrence Arms, Lagwagon, Dinosaur Jr.
  3. Currently in the middle of Team of Rivals. I've also been reading The Replacements: All Over But The Shouting: An Oral History whenever I'm in the bathroom.
  4. As much as it pains me: pass. I already own original pressings of all this shit (except "The Decline" on clear). I need to start selling dupes/variants...
  5. First in general = AC/DC in 1989 First I actually bought tickets for myself = Bush/Goo Goo Dolls/No Doubt First punk show = NOFX/The Vandals/blink-182
  6. Fuck, missed it. Bummer. If anyone feels like parting with theirs, let me know. Maybe we can work out a trade.
  7. This man speaks the truth. We need to get the band back together... maybe a Sbarro-core mall tour?
  8. Here's what I have that I'm willing to part with. PM if you're interested. Vinyl Answer That and Stay Fashionable LP (red, /500) - sealed Sing the Sorrow 2xLP gatefold (red, /10000) Girl's Not Grey 7"(UK) (grey, /?) Now the World/Reivers' Music 10" (pic disc, /5000) - sealed CD Black Sails EP (/5000) Alternative Press EP (cardboard sleeve, /?) The Days of the Phoenix EP (UK) (/500) Sing the Sorrow - Special Edition (UK) (incl. two bonus tracks) Sing the Sorrow - Special Edition (US) (w/ book + "Clandestine" DVD) Girl's Not Grey (UK CD2) (incl. poster + video)
  9. There's a 180g picture disc and a standard black copy. Pretty much anything that was pressed on black I just left in the sleeve, so the only ones that are out are the variants. The two exceptions are the recent deluxe reissues, both of which are on color ("Icky Mettle" = blue; "Vee Vee" = green).
  10. ARCHERS OF LOAF I'm missing the damn "Jive Kata" 7", so someone sell that to me.
  11. Screw INK -- it's all about FTL: http://www.myspace.com/firetenlives666
  12. 56 / Khajiit Thief/Rogue Done with all the major quest lines and 50/50 Steam achievements. Great fucking game...