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  1. I just started the Witcher series a couple weeks ago, almost done with the first book. I've never played the game but I'm a huge D&D nerd needing a good multi-book fantasy realm to dive into and monster-killin' is right up my alley. The short stories aspect of this book make it a nice nightly chapter, but as fragmented as it feels for an introduction to the character, I'm getting hooked. I'll at the very least get the second book. I'm not sure if it's the translation of it or if it'd be similar in Polish, but it's pretty quick reading. I dig it. My brain certainly doesn't have to work as hard as reading all the HP Lovecraft I've been immersing in the last few months!
  2. been giving this one a ton of spins lately The Crackling Of Embers by Sunken
  3. you and I have a very similar taste in music lol. do you have a Bandcamp profile? glad you dig these guys! i always found them to be fun but not silly, catchy without being repetitive, edgy and kinda metal but dont take themselves too seriously. great balance these guys. they have a new record coming out soon, too!!
  4. i finally got the new(ish) Drudkh record and the new Mesarthim EP, I also picked up this gem: World's Blood by WAYFARER and i haven't been able to stop listening to these after several months: RÛR by RÛR selftitled by NONE
  5. a great instrumental band I've been following forever, Shelter Red out of Oregon, finally got their shit on Bandcamp. you guys should take a listen!
  6. i LOVE hellboy and table top games and this looks super rad, but my nerd group has literally hundreds of games we never play because we all have so many, plus D&D has taken priority the last couple years. my fear is i'd drop a ton of coin on it and it's just be a pretty box (it's a pretty box, though, dont get me wrong) so i'm skipping it
  7. a bunch more stuff sold, and i've lowered prices on a bunch of stuff! make offers! hit me up for deals!
  8. damn. i gave up on singles due to storage space (and to OCD tendencies getting expensive)
  9. singles or trades? if they're trades i'm very interested (i gave up on singles for the um-teenth time)
  10. lots of stuff has sold, but I had a bunch of people inquiring and never following up. help me find good homes for this stuff!! HIT ME UP FOR DEALS
  11. bummed by this but not surprised given his overall dormancy. I bought soooo much shit from him back in the day. wasn't really on board with most of his releases in the last 5-ish years, though. between him and Halo of Flies closing around the same time, it's brutal. HoF shutting down hurts my heart, Cory is such a good dude and I bought almost everything he put out for YEARS. I think he joked I had the most HoF releases of anyone on DeadFormat at the time. And DF is dead too. ugh.