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  1. awesome. love the rr ties design... can't wait to get this in the mail
  2. our shirt printer was lagging, but we are picking up shirts right now and will begin shipping deluxe sets tomorrow. sweet
  3. I haven't asked this in a while, and I am sure there are new members since I last asked but this is the only record I want to get my hands on... so if anyone has it I would like to work out a deal. Mainly interested in trading... Thanks!
  4. Seth, so I know that you live on Laurel St in Manchester, NH, the question though does 28th and Stonewall bare any meaning in your life? I told Tim about Laurel St and Manchester and he thought that was pretty wild given that you are a Tim Barry fan. Nah... that would be too weird Y'all gonna do a deluxe package again? the last tshirt I bought was the manchester one... I need a new shirt
  5. http://www.sabotproductions.net/ collector's corner has all the info
  6. I actually really like this album... the last one, not so much. Being that Universal is putting this out, I am wondering if I should hold out to pick one up locally...
  7. yeah, I vouch for Michiel as well... get him the records he wants!!
  8. http://handbrake.fr/ its free!!!
  9. oh... I forgot... sorry dude, I got that one. Thanks anyways!
  10. bronzecast- I would much appreciate it if you would take a look... might be interested in the patches as well... let me know what you can find. Thanks!! Dan- which coaster do you have?
  11. I am looking for the classic black sticker with AVAIL in capital white letters. Please let me know if you got some extras laying around. would be interested in other designs as well. Thanks!
  12. I can't believe how much I am enjoying these 4 songs
  13. I will buy this... much easier to listen to
  14. what about Rivanna Junction?? Did that one get announced?
  15. Not to threadjack but, if any of you have any Avail stickers, I would be more than happy to take them off your hands. I bought a minivan for the family and it is in desperate need of some Avail decoration.... let me know. Thanks!
  16. yes. and the 7" came with the recent repress of "like the exorcist" and another 7" came with the repress of "who will survive" Virgil also sold them separately for a bit

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