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  1. I am too, but it seems like there are only a few new songs that weren't on the "Blueprint Sessions" and "los Feliz". Some how Chuck has made the about three albums out of 16 or 17 songs. But he has quite the collection of supporting musicians, which makes this release more interesting for me... Chuck Ragan - Guitars, Vocals, Hohner Special 20 Harps, Piano, Hammond B-3, Drums, Lap Steel, Vibraphones, Nana Ellen’s Marxophone, The Trashcan and The Pipe Wrench Jon Gaunt - The Fiddle Nathan Maxwell - Bass and PMA Josh Small - Banjo and Dobro Ted Hutt - Mandolin, Bodhran, Tambourine Assaults, Backing Vocals, Percussion Matt Hensley - Tedrow Concertinas James Fearnely - Accordion Its gonna be good.
  2. Those are great ideas, especially the silkscreened covers.
  3. I don't own a picture disc and I don't really like them, I'd rather just have black.
  4. Yeah, thanks Virgil. This is my new favorite place to frequent.... It also seems like there are more married folks on here, makes it easier to relate.
  5. I really like that... Never listened to 108 but because of this I now will. Deathwish does a good job.
  6. goddamnit! I was really hoping they'd switch it up this time, hopefully they will come thru for Feast or Famine.
  7. I don't think its lame at all, If I was a huge fan of a band I would consider buying a test press. But there are only a maybe 2 or 3 bands that I would buy a test press for. Speaking of you got any for the Tim Barry record you want to get rid of ??
  8. Live at the King's Head Inn #??? on pink marble and what pressing Attempt to Regress 7" #??? and how many pressings Just curious if anybody knows, I was unable to dig it up on my own.
  9. I'll reserve judgement til I hear it. Where the hell are all of you getting this?
  10. Who was I kidding, I ordered it right after I posted it on here.... I'm excited for the yellow 180g.
  11. preorder on www.smartpunk.com and get a 7" Thrash Unreal promo. F*cking $13 for the vinyl and $9 to ship, but you get the 7"...... I don't know if its worth it.
  12. The lyric sheet reminds me of an old news paper, and they used a special kind of ink... its kind of glossy. Its definitely got quite a few spins already.
  13. Was waiting for me when I got home today. The lyric sheet came out really nice, and the vinyl looks good too. (I almost prefer the black, it seems to match the artwork and lyric sheet better) It sounds great on vinyl, god*amn this album has grown on me.
  14. I'm pretty sure Sire is part of the warner music group. And I also picked up a white version of WPFP, hopefully it shows up by August.
  15. I guess they are releasing 180 gram yellow vinyl.... from pluginmusic.com Against Me! will release their new album, New Wave, on July 10th via Sire Records. The follow-up to 2005's Searching For A Former Clarity was produced by Butch Vig (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins). The album features a guest appearance from Tegan Quin of Tegan & Sara on the song “Borne On The FM Waves.” You can purchase the single "White People For Peace" and the non-album b-side "Full Sesh" on iTunes. New Wave will be available on CD, a Special Edition CD/DVD, 180 gram yellow vinyl and digital download. You can preview "White People For Peace" below. I hope by "180 gram yellow vinyl and digital download" they mean a package deal.... that would be sweet.
  16. Looks like the black are gone. I like the way they did that, have the black as the more limited pressing.
  17. Closed. definitely needs the vinyl treatment.
  18. Yeah, I went with the black also, but shipping was the same for both. I sucked it up and bought both. It might be worth it one day.
  19. www.punkstop.com 500 on white/red splatter 100 on black Just thought someone on here would be interested. This band grows on you.
  20. What kind of turntables is everybody using? I have a crap sony belt drive "starter" turtable. I am looking to upgrade to either a technics or audio-technica direct drive. Any suggestions??

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