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  1. I feel so honored Satan himself taught me a new word today! How come life's so hard Satan? How come I can't get a hold on a fricking piece of wax? What have I done to you?!
  2. Let's hope for a Face to Face store/King's Merch exclusive colour. Well, that's what I'll do.
  3. Their Aussie store has it too, but grand total from Euro store is a better deal. Ah well. That's what I get from getting late on this one. Lighter wallet.
  4. How nice! Thanks a bunch But 22 euros to ship to Canada is, well, a fricking joke. If you have any other links, let me know!
  5. Hello there! Would like to buy Victory Lap. Colour isn't much an issue, as long as it comes with the flexi. ...buuuuuut would definitely prefer a coloured one Thanks!
  6. These guys are really good! "On Boss, Winnipeg’s Tunic unveil four tracks that continue where last year’s Disappointment EP left off. These songs are nothing but feedback laden filth, pure arty noise punk. Dissonant, yet abrasive, Boss is led by the punishing churns of Rory Ellis’ bass and Sam Neal’s drums. David Schellenberg’s guitar surgically cuts, hisses, and chimes through the band’s unique arrangements, while his vocals gravelly express a distaste for one’s past. These songs were conceived in a musty room above a cellphone repair shop, but they were honed in basements, warehouses and bars across North America and they will continue to do so through out 2017." PO here: http://tunic.bigcartel.com/ Listen here: https://tunicband.bandcamp.com
  7. Loved both Ísland and Living Room Songs projects. Might as well pull the trigger if a cheaper buying option shows up. Oh, and that Bach or Chopin thing duo from a couple of years ago looked promising too!
  8. Selling some stuff. Nothing too fancy. Don't like a price? Hit me up and let's work something out! PayPal only. https://www.discogs.com/seller/firebird1/profile
  9. PO up for signed copies. No idea when they'll be sent tho. http://www.swanomerch.com