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  1. Sorry to be that guy who's 10 years late But Yes, this definitely needs a repress with improved audio. Ah. Feeling good now.
  2. what a great album that is Hey, does anyone else have problem with side B? when the sound starts..waving? just like some kind of chorus effect , or as if the turntable was not spinning at the right speed (played it on three turntables, with same result) the last song is the worst: it skips once, and the weird effect makes them sound like they hit the tremelo bar on every riffs I've got the standard black pressing
  3. got one of both pressings this morning they look beautiful. Alternate artwork on 2nd pressing is cool.
  4. they are expecting next week...inserts are missing
  5. FINALLY Seriously, a dream come true. Foreword continues the band's blinded drive into the musical abyss where nothing is as it sounds. The record's ten tracks are a genre-busting combination of searing punk energy, complicated jazz signatures with very few grooves and mature, insightful lyrics. Release date: October 15, 2020 Pressing info: 100 on Black vinyl 100 on Translucent Tan colored vinyl 100 on Black and Translucent Tan half/half vinyl http://peopleofpunkrockrecords.com/release.php?id=POPR-716
  6. Old band with Pkew Pkew Pkew guitarist Costs close to nothing, especially for you americans https://livertheband.bandcamp.com/merch already made a topic for this, but they need more love!
  7. for any fan of positive punk with ashtray vocals 5$ cad for vinyl 5$ cad for shipping to Canada about 10$ for shipping to USA the album rules so much https://livertheband.bandcamp.com/album/capital
  8. 11 mins very, very well spent honestly, thank you guys! That's one crazy/beautiful song!
  9. Repress of this intense, dark, ugly and beautiful album up now! Colour in Colour (Ltd.100) https://www.dinealonestore.com/products/single-mothers-negative-qualities-colour-in-colour-lp Split Half/Half (Ltd.400) https://www.dinealonestore.com/products/single-mothers-negative-qualities-split-lp
  10. Has anyone here noticed TONS of skips on the first two songs on both sides B and C on the orange version that's not the book edition? I know it's Thom Yorke, so I validated with the digital version of the songs
  11. short version: Cool Car is OUT NOW!!!! listen loud. here's the long version: i wrote the first Girlfriend Material song on July 19, 2016. i was living in a sterile condo in a sterile neighbourhood and i felt extremely far away from myself. i was almost 30 and i'd been playing in a band for my job for 10 years. music, the great love and driving force of my whole life, was at this point not much more to me than a lot of business emails and obligations. i hadn't written a song in years and i didn't think i would care if i never wrote another one. then one night i needed music for a
  12. I feel so honored Satan himself taught me a new word today! How come life's so hard Satan? How come I can't get a hold on a fricking piece of wax? What have I done to you?!

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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