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  1. Old band with Pkew Pkew Pkew guitarist Costs close to nothing, especially for you americans https://livertheband.bandcamp.com/merch already made a topic for this, but they need more love!
  2. for any fan of positive punk with ashtray vocals 5$ cad for vinyl 5$ cad for shipping to Canada about 10$ for shipping to USA the album rules so much https://livertheband.bandcamp.com/album/capital
  3. 11 mins very, very well spent honestly, thank you guys! That's one crazy/beautiful song!
  4. Repress of this intense, dark, ugly and beautiful album up now! Colour in Colour (Ltd.100) https://www.dinealonestore.com/products/single-mothers-negative-qualities-colour-in-colour-lp Split Half/Half (Ltd.400) https://www.dinealonestore.com/products/single-mothers-negative-qualities-split-lp
  5. Has anyone here noticed TONS of skips on the first two songs on both sides B and C on the orange version that's not the book edition? I know it's Thom Yorke, so I validated with the digital version of the songs
  6. short version: Cool Car is OUT NOW!!!! listen loud. here's the long version: i wrote the first Girlfriend Material song on July 19, 2016. i was living in a sterile condo in a sterile neighbourhood and i felt extremely far away from myself. i was almost 30 and i'd been playing in a band for my job for 10 years. music, the great love and driving force of my whole life, was at this point not much more to me than a lot of business emails and obligations. i hadn't written a song in years and i didn't think i would care if i never wrote another one. then one night i needed music for a movie, so i opened a new Logic project, tuned to drop D, and started bashing. i wrote 5 songs that night, and 5 the next morning. 5 of those songs are on Cool Car. this band and these songs brought me back to life, or at least to a version of life that i recognize. i fell in love with music again. i fell in love with Tokyo Police Club again. i fell in love with the world again. nothing i've ever done has meant more to me. Nyles Miszczyk produced and mixed this record and made me feel like it mattered. Jon Drew mastered it and made it slam. Nick Boyd let us record it in his beautiful studio, hidden away from the world but - critically - in close proximity to the best sandwiches in town. Annie Murphy leant her voice to a dang SPEECH that i decided would make a good bridge, and thank god she's enough of a pro that it actually worked. Colin Medley, a real honest to god photographer, used a real honest to god film camera to take pictures of a beat up old Subaru in the parking lot of the Galleria mall. Anna Fitzpatrick wrote the bio of my dreams, the first band bio i've ever seen that wasn't mostly just annoying. everybody at Dine Alone Records went into a RECORD LABEL OFFICE and used COMPANY TIME to entertain my weird ideas and actually sell the thing to people. it's weird to have so many talented people expend energy to help make this thing i dreamed up into reality. especially: Jake, Joseph, and Josh. i had no idea how to start a band as an adult, but lucky for me i picked the three most beautiful, kind, and enthusiastic guys i could have. they're all busier than me and they all find time to jam and record and gig. i don't deserve them, but i cherish them every day. thank you for thinking my songs are worth a damn, guys. it means more to me than i can ever say. that's it. it's a rock record, it's even wordier than this post, and i suggest you listen to it while driving fast. i love you all. xo Graham Wright White vinyl, limited to 300 https://www.dinealonestore.com/products/girlfriend-material-cool-car-white-lp
  7. I feel so honored Satan himself taught me a new word today! How come life's so hard Satan? How come I can't get a hold on a fricking piece of wax? What have I done to you?!
  8. Let's hope for a Face to Face store/King's Merch exclusive colour. Well, that's what I'll do.
  9. Their Aussie store has it too, but grand total from Euro store is a better deal. Ah well. That's what I get from getting late on this one. Lighter wallet.
  10. How nice! Thanks a bunch But 22 euros to ship to Canada is, well, a fricking joke. If you have any other links, let me know!
  11. Hello there! Would like to buy Victory Lap. Colour isn't much an issue, as long as it comes with the flexi. ...buuuuuut would definitely prefer a coloured one Thanks!