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  1. What are the chances you have a copy of Dogwood Tales- Too Hard To Tell laying around?
  2. Too bad Self Titled and Latest Thing aren't pressed. I'd buy those in a second.
  3. Wasn't this album released on Dreamworks in 2003, and is now getting repressed? That being said, wasn't Sing The Sorrow released on Dreamworks in 2003? Not sure how the licensing works, but maybe it's a small sign of what's to come.
  4. I LOVE this band, and All I Want is my favorite "skate" song ever.....but Jesus, I didn't know this many people cared to have this many copies pressed.
  5. If you end up getting the rights and press The Exit- New Beat, I'll pay $100 for a copy.
  6. Ha! I feel like I know you somehow. Maybe it's from being part of the Virgil days or maybe shows at Durty Nellies and the city. I don't know.
  7. Fuck dude, that's awesome you went and reported back. I'll throw $500 in the pot, but like you, I wouldn't want to pack and mail to other backers across the country. Definitely a gamble, and not sure if there is enough time to put it all together, but I can pitch in $500 without my wife killing me. And I can take off work Thursday to help you move it all.
  8. I would throw $500-$1000 at it, if you were being serious.
  9. A pallet of Victory Records test pressings? Makes you wonder what's on it. https://www.bidspotter.com/en-us/auction-catalogues/bscwint/catalogue-id-winter1-10009/lot-a1f34d0d-0674-435b-91e6-ac810002c6ca
  10. That Buckcherry S/T album is a banger. I'm not even joking.
  11. Totally agree. My all time favorite band and Billy is my favorite songwriter ever. But these new songs fucking suck. I'll keep giving them chances, and I still pre-ordered the record, but goddamn, I'm bummed.
  12. My 10 favorite probably. Bad City- Welcome To The Wasteland Foxy Shazam- S/T Against Me- White Crosses (seriously) Gaslight Anthem- Handwritten Dave Hause- Devour Menzingers- After The Party Lady Gaga- Born This Way Hardcore Superstar- You Can't Kill My Rock N' Roll The Smashing Pumpkins- Shiny Oh So Bright Vol. 1 Taylor Swift- 1989 and I think my favorite so far this year is The Damned Things- High Crimes
  13. I got my Dave Hause pre-order this week, and they included Memphis May Fire- This Light I Hold Blue, and also Gone is Gone- Echolocation. Not a bad deal for paying for 1 LP.
  14. Something weird has to be happening with The Crow. Rough Trade has literally almost everything listed except The Crow.
  15. If anyone still needs that Stone Sour RSD from 2015, I have one on my shelf I'll trade for The Crow. Let me know.
  16. Roger that. Thanks buddy. You need to start making more vids!
  17. Can someone please explain to me HOW THE FUCK copies of The Crow are selling for $100+ on ebay? Didn't I read there was like 8000 pressed, or am I just mad my store didn't get any copies of it?
  18. What's so bad about Matt? Seems like a nice guy who has a passion for music. Am I missing something?
  19. Rise records. Ordered the Hot Water Music bundle and a Dave Hause (favorite songwriter in a long time) cassette from their webstore. I also bought a couple Dave Hause items from Rise on Ebay around the same time. I had being trying to win a copy of the Dave Hause- Resolutions Test Press, but they kept going for more than I could afford. I missed out on it again, and just messaged the seller (who happens to own/run/works for Rise) and asked if they had anymore test presses they were going to put up, as I missed out on the two they had listed ($77 & $100 is what they went for) I also told him that if he hadn't shipped my Hot Water Music bundle yet, that they could just add these 2 ebay items to my HWM package, to save them on shipping. I never got a response. I get the Hot Water Music package today and this is what happened: 1. The record mailers were all wrapped in a plastic shipping bag, which prevented them from getting wet from the snow. 2. They threw in a free LP and 2 7" (Hidden In Plain View & Placebo) 3. Also in the package was a Resolutions TEST PRESS!!!! I couldn't believe it. I've bought from them a lot over the years, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect to get this. So, Rise Records: You are amazing. I love you. Thank you.
  20. Not sure how good it is, because I'm not a Beck fan, but Colors Deluxe Red 2LP is down to $10. It's included in the 20% off of $50. Thought about adding it for a Christmas gift. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Beck-Colors-New-Vinyl-LP-Colored-Vinyl-Red-Deluxe-Edition/132858590446?epid=239217106&hash=item1eeefd34ee:g:ZBcAAOSwVXdb73HG
  21. I'm an ETL at a Target. Those Christina LPs are in a shipper as part of the "4 Day AD", that should have been put out Sunday morning. They should be located by the "4 Day AD" Movie shippers, unless your target is a Super Target, then they will just be freestanding in front of the small music section. They will be $15 on black friday along with some other exclusives, if your store manages to still have any left.
  22. I can't believe some of those prices now for that stuff. It was like every order contained Foxy Shazaam, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Tim Barry, Joey Cape, Lizzie Huffman, Yesterday's Ring, Sparta- Threes, In The Red, Useless ID, and lord, those Every Time I Die and Boys Night Out- Make Yourself Sick represses. I'm making myself sick thinking about it, as the only thing I have left is the orange Delicious Vinyl comp and that Enablers EP.

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