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  1. Really weird but I was at that same show at The Murat. Can't remember who I saw the Builders and the Butchers open for, but they blew me away and I've loved them ever since.
  2. I bought a copy as I love All Get Out/Nathan. Would've liked to see it on Bad Timing though.
  3. Tried to message you but said you couldn't receive any messages
  4. I live in Indianapolis, so I can get Upland sours and such,
  5. Anyone going to Dark Lord Day this year? I'll be at DLD and the 18th Street barrel thing they have going on.
  6. I'm gonna give this a go, as I continue to get more and more out of shape. My initial score was 41, which was more than I had anticipated.
  7. Got my copy along with the second pressing of The Season. I love anything All Get Out related.
  8. It's the only record I've ever had an issue with and it's just a couple spots on the B-side. The rest of the album sounded great. Amazon sent me a replacement so I will compare when it gets here. I'd cleaned the album and stylus prior to playing so we will see how this turns out. Thanks.
  9. Anyone have issues with the black repress? My b-side has a couple parts where it's muddy as hell.
  10. If anyone wants to trade for some Indiana beer (FFF, Upland Sours, 18th Street, Sun King etc.) let me know
  11. Anyone going to FoBaB in Chicago? I'll be there for the Saturday night session.
  12. Everyone here use untappd? My username is mpayne5. I'm always envious of what other people are drinking.
  13. Thanks! Yeah I talked with a few of them during the convention! Jessica is so cool.
  14. Got this yesterday at the Canton Tattoo Classic
  15. My girlfriend loves this damn album and I'd like to land a copy for her to enjoy. Either pressing would work. I know a lot of Jack White stuff goes for obscene amounts of money. If you have a copy and you're willing to part with it, please message me.

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