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  1. awesome!! yeah, it's nick (one of the guitarists) other project.
  2. ditto! so excited for this one. we've been putting out a lot of indie stuff recently and it feels really good to be involved in some crushing hardcore!
  3. pre-orders are going out. if you are curious what this band sounds like, its up streaming on bandcamp, spotify, etc. check it out. thanks!
  4. just got word the vinyl is all done. should be in our hands next week. orders will start shipping by the end of the month. if you ordered a shirt or hoodies, those will ship as soon as possible. thanks!
  5. weird, i looked for this thread the other day and couldn't find it. anyway, might as well give it a bump. we're in the folding process right now. folding the portfolio insert, folding the chipboard jackets, cutting the lyric sheets, you know all the fun stuff! check it out!
  6. hell yeah!! check this out, if you can. all the songs are remastered from the original DAT tapes, hand letter-pressed/silk screened packaging, embossed portfolio inserts, etc etc. really excited to get this back out in the world.
  7. we made the first track (remastered) streamable on http://torjohnsonrecords.bandcamp.comand you can find most of the original un-remastered tracks here: http://music.anewlanguage.org/artists/Moment/index.html
  8. thank you! i'm super excited about it too. all three colors are limited to 50, the rest of the pressing is on black. since the other two labels don't have webstores, we're just doing all the pre-orders through mine. pink will be exclusive to All About Records, blue will be exclusive to Teeth Like Swords, and green will be exclusive through us at Tor Johnson Records.
  9. the guy that letterpressed all the jackets and embossed the inserts made a big blog entry about the adventure. check it out. http://www.spoffordpress.com/blog/2016/4/21/moment#
  10. so you're lucky one!! i figured with you showing so much Tyler love, we'd show some back!! make sure you keep your eyes peeled come fall/the end of the year. new Tyler LP on the way! also, thanks for the kind words and the support!!
  11. There is so much I could write about this release. The planning process for this began in 2012. After multiple speed bumps, its finally here. Moment was a Boston area band that existed from the late 1990s-early 2000s. They played all over New England from VFW halls to basements to bigger/more legit venues. This release is everything they ever recorded, ever. This band was well before their time musically. Comes housed in packaging that would make any 90s kid fall in love: letter-pressed & silk screened chipboard packaging, beautiful embossed & hand-folded inserts, and even more! Limited to 500 and then gone forever. http://www.torjohnsonrecords.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=21&zenid=y599Lu,Bsctz01jsWx,Aw0
  12. thanks!! i'm really happy how it came out. the art is amazing and matches the music too perfectly.
  13. pre-orders are now available for the newest Tor Johnson Records release: Tyler Daniel Bean / Au Revoir split 7". pre-orders come with 11x17 archival posters of the cover art created by Will Schaff (Godspeed You Black Emperor/Songs:Ohia/Brown Bird) for the release (the raw art without information printed on it). "In the world of music, is there anything more interesting than a split between great friends who exist in different genre realms? If you consider similar splits between artists like Piebald & Cave In or The One AM Radio & Joshua Fit For Battle, you'll find that while a split between Tyler Daniel Bean and Au Revoir may seem surprising on paper, something captivating develops when relating their songs—you realize that we're all, in our own way, working through the same issues. Over a year in the making, a year marred with major injuries and loss, this split was recorded live over two days in 2015 (one in January, the other in September) by Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere, Longings) in Western Mass’s secluded Dead Air Studios. Tyler Daniel Bean's two-part track, "Willow," his first offering since the 2013 EP Everything You Do Scares Me, boasts a seven-piece band featuring members of The New & Very Welcome, Cbrasnke, Noodle, and Nyiko. "Willow," a song about coping with death, delves into our response to loss, our escapist tendencies, and our desire to not exist alone. Ending ambiguously and repetitiously, "Willow” proclaims that while it may not always seem the case, everything will always be alright. Au Revoir's "Repose," their follow up to 2013's Black Hills, showcases the band's new 5-piece line up. It also stands as the first song they've recorded with vocals since 2012's In The Key Of Night—a dynamic they continue to explore on their new LP Veles (due out in March). Weaving melody with discord in a way that can only be compared to bands on Constellation Records, Au Revoir explores the weight of daily life, suggesting that it's getting harder and harder to wake from their dreams. Cap all of this off with artwork by William Schaff (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Songs:Ohia, Brown Bird) and you have a compelling, beautiful release by two bands that consider writing music an integral part of continuance." http://modern-vinyl.com/2016/03/01/exclusive-spin-tyler-daniel-bean-willow-pts-1-2/
  14. the guys in Raw Blow made a music video for a song off the 7". check it out: http://www.vanyaland.com/2016/02/02/video-premiere-its-a-night-of-netflix-and-no-chill-as-raw-blow-unveil-dont-try/
  15. thanks!! yeah, the split is at the plant. we should have tests soon and hopefully its out for Au Revoir to hit the road in March (hopefully). the Tyler songs sound amazing. he recorded it live with a 7 piece band. the lp is sounding great too. he has all the core stuff down for it and is currently adding extra guitar tracks, violin, etc. we're probably looking at late fall for that one.
  16. here we go, big year going on and i figured i'd make a thread about it. first off we're doing a 7" for Boston's Raw Blow of their 2014 cassette called Slow Choke. Raw Blow is members of Now Denial, Furnace, Luau and Bravo Fucking Bravo, so they obviously already fit perfectly with the TJR family. pre-orders are up and the record will be out in a week or so. next up is a split 7" with VT's Tyler Daniel Bean and NJ's Au Revoir. recorded completely live at Dead Air Studios in 2015 and coupled with art work from the amazing Will Schaff (Godspeed, Brown Bird, Songs:Ohia, etc). pre-orders should be going live end of Feb. after that we have a bunch of stuff in the works: the double LP discography from Boston band Moment is FINALLY making the light of day. vinyl is at the plant now. packaging is being hand silk screened and letter pressed. pre-orders should be live in mid-march or so. we'll be doing shirt and hoodie combos. then we're doing a 12" version of Ascend/Descend's Murdock St, a 7" from Ordinary Lives, and the a new LP from Tyler Daniel Bean. so keeping busy. check out some stuff and maybe check out the webstore. buy something, help grease the wheels and keep the new releases coming out! www.torjohnsonrecords.com
  17. super excited to be re-releasing Raw Blow's 2014 cassette ep Slow Choke. Raw Blow features long time members of the Tor Johnson Records family, having come from bands like Now Denial, Furnace, Luau, and Bravo Fucking Bravo. all 300 copies are on random marble vinyl, so each one is different. we also have a pre-order exclusive t-shirt bundle available. check it out: full stream: http://modern-vinyl.com/2016/01/06/raw-blows-slow-choke-receives-7-reissue/ pre-orders: http://www.torjohnsonrecords.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=21&zenid=QaQ3mGsdH54XWqe-oHohC0
  18. hi everyone- i know everyone knows me from pimping my label Tor Johnson Records.....welp, little change of pace today. i also run a small silk screen company with a friend in RI called Teeth Like Swords Printing. we've been at it small for a couple years, but stuff has been picking up and i figured i might as well toss it out here too. we mostly do work locally, but are willing to mail stuff. we do shirts, koozies, flat stock, lp jackets, etc etc. check out all our work at http://facebook.com/teethlikeswordsprintingand hit us up through there or at [email protected] to talk about a project & get an idea on prices, etc.
  19. thank you!!! and don't worry, i'll make sure you get a rad new adapter! really really excited about this "give-away"
  20. first song up for streaming. check it out. http://www.spin.com/2015/10/aneurysm-veronica-premiere-stream/
  21. hi everyone- welp, our newest release is up for pre-order. figured i'd spread the word. its our first "big-hole" 45, so we decided to do a special pre-order give away. the first 50 pre-orders get purple vinyl AND a custom 3D printed 45 adapter. www.torjohnsonrecords.com https://youtu.be/jq-OTtAZoOA
  22. bump-ty bump -tons of new stuff in the webstore from Robotic & Adagio. other good stuff has been discounted. try out some new stuff. if you are a band/label/whatever, hit us up for trade/consignment. -sea of storms lp is out. pick it up! stores? order it from us, ebullition, stickfigure or deathwish. -aneurysm tests are on the way. more info soon. pre-orders are coming with the most ridiculous give aways we've ever done. -tyler daniel bean/au revoir split back on track. probably late winter release. -moment discography still pushing forward. early 2016 release planned. -2 more 7"s and a couple LPs in the works for the future. fun fun always. check out the webstore and help grease the wheels of industry.
  23. hahaha, thanks! we don't joke around when it comes to free shit for people who are nice enough to pre-order. keep your ear to the ground for the Aneurysm 7" we're doing (official announcement sometime next month). it'll have the most ridiculous give-away we've ever done.
  24. awesome!!!! side note, for my "wall art" i went to the hardware store and got those brackets you use to put up mirrors. its was like 75cents for the set. but yeah, thank you so much for the order and the kind words. i really love this record, especially the vinyl. it sounds so damn good! haha.

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