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  1. I am. Been listening to Dinosaur Dying on repeat for the last week. Checking the album right now and diggin' it so far.
  2. any Toronto folk into the Stadium Arcadium box set? that shit would be ridiculous to ship.
  3. Holy shit, I think that's everything. Too many 45s. Get at 'em.
  4. First Toronto sale was a damn fine one. Peruse the discogs list - swing something!
  5. okay, the LPs are just about completed. all you 7" lovers: hold off. they're on their way in pieces. BROWSE. it obviously can't all be had. some of the stuff will take offers of the sock-knocker variety to be had - there's some stuff to which I'm attached.
  6. Awesome, dudes. I've had a couple PMs - glad there's interest. I'm going to get through cataloging the whole (or most of) the collection before I start talking about selling. Slowly chipping through it - close to 75% of the LPs are done. 7"s are another story. A metric shitload of those. The deadformat link in the sig is outta date. the one above (http://www.discogs.c...hing/collection) will be the proper place to check it out / work in prog.
  7. is there a large toronto contingent on this board? haven't done much posting here in ages.
  8. thanks on both accounts. I'm not even halfway through the LPs yet. And I've got more 7"s than LPs. stay tuned. I can't do this all in one-go.
  9. right on. if anyone else has some post knowledge, drop it. also, right now i'm working through my collection. not all of it will be for sale. but a good chunk will be.
  10. hey man, thanks a ton for that. are you sure it's that cheap to send 7"s? I recall it being like $7.45 for the first one years ago. And do you know the price increments for 7"s? For an idea of what I've got, deadformat.net/tradelist/gravitylovesdrunks is a good place to start, but I haven't updated that in forever. Currently shifting over to discogs, but this is a massive undertaking. Just getting started now. A ton to follow. Keep checking back: http://www.discogs.com/user/thinkingnothing/collection
  11. Would some wonderful fella be so kind as to let a fellow Canadian know how hard one can expect to be ripped off at the post office? I'm talking about the whole deal - i.e. costs for a 7" to the U.S., to Europe, how much it increases for each added 7", same with LPs, etc. About to make some of these here records liquid. Too many. Too many good jams. Keep an eye out. I live in Toronto, and I'd also like to skip the shipping hassle wherever I can. So make yerselves known, Toronties.
  12. I can sell you a copy of Better Version. It'll be coming from Canada though. I don't even know what shipping prices are like anymore... Could also do a swap, if yer into that sorta thang.
  13. I've got a green copy and I'm really not too crazy about this album. I guess Merch peaked for me with Children of Desire, with Strange Songs being my favourite.

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