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  1. thomas

    Trade Lists

  2. thomas

    Scott vs. Jason - FIGHT!

    I hear Jason Tate eats babies, and rapes puppies. He also worships Satan, and that for this Satan has given him power over the minds of hordes of children who only follow fades and Jesse Lacey.
  3. thomas

    Scott vs. Jason - FIGHT!

    f you look Tate up in the white pages, that exact information comes up. And he's never really keep that he lives in Portland to himself.
  4. thomas

    Scott vs. Jason - FIGHT!

    well what is it. their ap.net profile says they're from adelaide australia. i think someone here is from there. Wrong post. He is from Tampa, FL. http://vinylcollective.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1
  5. thomas

    Scott vs. Jason - FIGHT!

    Well, all I know is their user name here.
  6. thomas

    Scott vs. Jason - FIGHT!

    lawlz, I think I know who the trader in our forum is.
  7. thomas

    Scott vs. Jason - FIGHT!

    I hope this turns into another Ice Nine Kills thread/war thingy. VC v. AP.net
  8. thomas

    September avatars?

    Yay! Shenmue avatars.
  9. thomas

    September avatars?

    Do you remember the day when it stormed and snowed? Do you remember the black car?
  10. thomas

    September avatars?

    Shenmue avatars!
  11. thomas

    September avatars?

    Avatarless month!
  12. thomas

    Daisy Leaked...

    I can't get into this at all. I've given it about 5-6 listens now and each time I like some songs less, which is odd, though I do like a few songs on the album.
  13. "AKA M80 The Wolf" sounds a lot better acoustic then I thought it would. Keep posting videos please!
  14. thomas

    +/- about your day

    + The Ativan actually worked, and I made it through class feeling good. Every time I take it I think of the MTB lyrics about it. + Picked up my check.
  15. Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets...