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  1. I'm still playing Star Ocean 4, it's still pretty boring and really hard to keep playing. I hope it picks up soon or it may need to be sold.
  2. This is the reason I'm not ready to go to school. I'm almost done with a degree in Computer Networking and Security, but I'm pretty sure it's not what I want to do. I have been told to just finish it, because it's possible to do pretty much anything so long as I have a degree. I know it is possible, but it's hard in these times. I still don't know what to do, but thankfully I guess I'm still young (23) so have time to think about it. I guess I'll be wasting $5k this semester taking classes I don't want or need because my parents think I need to be back in school now. I say go with your h
  3. I'll have to do it tomorrow when the lights are on. It's a custom built 220 gallon Salt Water tank my dad built, that he's finally got up to sort of where he wants it. It's pretty crazy.
  4. Yeah, I noticed that and thought "glad I'm not the only one!"
  5. All the pictures came out a bit odd because of the lights from the giant fish tank next to me. Edit: The black and white pictures are pictures I took of Brandwine Falls when I was like 10 years old for a project on Ansel Adams, and my parents framed them for some reason. I've kept them for all these years too, even though they are not that good. Super thick HDMI cable from 360 to TV, and PS2 hooked-up via Component Cables Games and DVDs I miss my 5.1 set-up, but the sub got black mold all over it when I left it in my garage when I moved last time, and the receiver died. It's pretty
  6. Tigers Jaw - S/T Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire 7"
  7. I know we've had a topic on these before, but they are long dead so I figured I'd start a new one. All the TV, HDMI, and other talk has got me interested in what people's set-ups are, so lets see them. My camera died trying to grab my pictures off it, so I'll have to edit my post in a few hours when them.
  8. really? still blu-ray? i dont care about the memory really because i dont save anything but game data on the hard drive Yeah, there are a bunch of pictures on Kotaku of it.
  9. Yeah, it's worlds better. I'm thinking about picking up a ps3 slim when they are out, since they are only $299.
  10. I can see that happening if you constantly unplug it, but mine has never been unplugged from the back of the TV, only from my xbox.
  11. I'm hoping that one I posted above has wifi too, if it does, sold! But I really want something that'll still run XBMC -- I can't get enough of that program! XBMC is a beautiful piece of software. It was the only reason I still used my xbox until recently.
  12. Death Note is good for the first first arc, but the second arc is sort of meh but still worth the watch for the conclusion.
  13. No, not really, but it's better safe then sorry sometimes.
  14. Any word on them letting you stream it Virgil? I love this album, but listening to it on myspace sucks since the stream is such low quality.
  15. - Humid out. - I think that my anxiety is only acting up because I don't want to go to school. - I still need to convince my parents that I need one more semester to figure stuff out, because I really don't know what to do with myself. - New psychiatrist search is not going too good. + My savings account is not nearly as hard hit as I thought it'd be after the accident. + Picked up a few rare OOP anime DVDs. + Feel motivated to clean my room up, even though it's not really dirty.
  16. I thought about buying one of the WD devices before, but the first model is seriously lacking in features. I'll check out the XBMC forums, thanks Kirby.
  17. Yeah, my HDMI cord is super thick (I think it's meant to be run through a wall) and it freaks me out plugged in my TV since it's so coiled up. I'm always afraid it's going to rip out the port if I hit it, but my TV has 4 HDMI inputs, so it's not a big deal.
  18. Yeah, I've built computers before just not ones made for video playback. My laptop has VGA out, and my TV has VGA in, but since it's got a cheap videocard I can't play 720p stuff with high birates. It does the job now, but it does stutter on some stuff.
  19. I'm thinking of building one. I watch a ton of anime fansubs using the .mkv container, and they are usually soft-subs with avc1 video at 720p which won't work on an xbox with xbmc because it is too underpowered. I am also thinking about spending a bit more, and making adding a blu-ray drive so I can finally have a blu-ray player. I'm curious if anyone has built one, and what type of components you used and costs did you have?
  20. Supposedly ESPN is supposed to start broadcasting some Premier League games over here, which is kind of cool because it shows the sport is starting to gain some popularity over here.
  21. Excellent news, I'll be sure to save some paypal funds for it then. Thanks Virgil.
  22. Ah, I was hoping you got in the new Builders and Butchers album. I already own the split. It's a great split for those who don't have it.
  23. I agree with this. I guess it'd be sort of annoying if you have your resolution set really low, because you can only see a few threads at a time.

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