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  1. - My head feels like crap. - I'm sort of afraid of telling my parents I'm not ready for school because of my anxiety, because they've never understood what I feel like. + No work. +/- Looking for a new psychiatrist, hopefully I can finally find one I like.
  2. Asobi Seksu - Transparence 10" The Airhead that they put in it was really melted, and it made it taste 100 times better. I love polyvinyl.
  3. Hell yeah! I don't think I ever beat 2 though, since I remember the battery died in the cart. so it no longer saved when I was near the end. I'm hoping they release those on XBLA soon.
  4. + I thought my laptop fell to a vista bug where your battery no longer charges, since it said "4% available (plugged in, not charging)" but it suddenly started charging again, thankfully. - Feel like shit anxiety wise, I think the heat outside is doing it. + Tomorrow I plan on calling a trade school and talking to them about some stuff for Spring, and hopefully convincing my parents to let me drop my classes in the fall and do that. + If that works, I plan on getting a new psychiatrist to try to get some help with the crap. + Last day of my work week. Edit: - WTF, we got a motorcycle tow
  5. I sold an item for $6.49, and it cost me $2.70 to ship it. Yesterday the item returns because the PO Box was closed, now the guy wants me to send it to a different address. If I do that I have to pay $2.70 again, use and new mailer, and waste my time at the post office. Half won't reimburse me for shipping again, even though it was the buyers mistake. I'm thinking of just refunding him all his money but shipping, since I did ship it and wasted my time and money. Do you think this is a good idea, or do you think if it happened to you you would get pissed and leave negative feedback and fil
  6. Did you end up seeing this Vince, and if so, how was it? I'm looking forward to seeing it.
  7. + New Kay Kay album is fantastic. - I just got a package back "return to sender" from a half.com sale, and I get the feeling the guy will want me to resend it but I don't know how to contact half and demand he pay shipping again since the address he supplied was a closed po box. - Went to a really lame party last night. I left early with my friend and his girlfriend and hung out with them for a bit, which was kind of awkward. + Halo at work, hopefully it'll be slow tonight and not busy like last Saturday. I hope we don't lag out a shit load like last week too. + Been watching some good a
  8. I should have suggested it, listening to albums on myspace sucks big time. Luckily i have the tracks. I might see if they would rather put it in one of our streaming audio players. That'd be awesome, since the songs I listened sounded like crap (I hate you california sounded so bad on the second part) on myspace, which streams at 96kbps 22khz.
  9. I expected this to sell a bit slower, since it's older and people seem to not like Copeland nearly as much as they used to. It sold pretty damn fast in 5 days though.
  10. I heard 2 or 3 songs before I had to come into work here, and I'm liking it quite a bit even though it's different.
  11. I used to spend many an hour playing Sonic 2 and Sonic Spinball. My parents never let me play the Streets of Rage game that come with it though, until I stole it and they just figured "meh". I loved my genesis, probably my favorite system I ever owned- until it kicked the bucket one day.
  12. I don't even remember my password to AIM anymore.
  13. It's not up yet, unfortunately. I hope it's up before I go to work.
  14. I don't even know how much it is. My brother signed up and I randomly got some invitation from him via email. I use it all the time and haven't paid for it. I asked him about it and he said it didn't cost any more so he figured he'd let me use it too. Good deal. Lucky. I think it's $79 a year.
  15. Damn, it had to go up right after I come into work. I'll check it out when I get.
  16. You guys going to be shooting some videos, like you did with the Kay Kay in-store? Edit: haha at ptm's twitter just now. "@suburbanhome Virgil. You son of a bitch. I KNOW you just ignored my call. We are going out with you tonight in Denver."
  17. I have used a CC plenty of times on different sites to buy records, but paypal is certainly the easiest.
  18. + I finally got my car back. + Payday tomorrow. - Had a crazy panic attack driving home last night, that made my head turn all foggy and I seriously don't remember what I did for about an hour from my head being so foggy. It then turned into a migraine which made me vomit.
  19. I get the nostalgia one a lot. It usually happens when a song I have not heard in a long time comes on that has some sort of memory attached to it.
  20. Prime is awesome, but it costs a lot more money then I'd spend at Amazon a month- though I did spend a lot when I had the free trial.
  21. Yeah they are, I don't collect duplicates so I don't need them. I bought the Wizard EP because I was not sure when we'd get a US release, and I only bought the Censored Colors to compare sound quality to the 2xLP. I don't need either now, so they are up for sale. I'm willing to hear some offers if you think anything is too expensive too.

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