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  1. I'm sure there will be plenty of U.K. ebay sellers with it once it's out.
  2. - Work. - I have to tell my boss I can't work on Wednesdays anymore, and on Thursdays I can't come in until 6:30. I'm sure he won't be very happy, but oh well. - Still no car. The shop has had it for almost 2 weeks now. + Payday soon.
  3. Yeah, a sealed one went for $50 a few days ago, but I'd like to avoid ebay for now.
  4. - My car is still in the shop . - Burnt the shit out of my tongue earlier. - My gum that always bothers me, started to again, yet there is nothing wrong with it visually and it's not bleeding or nothing when I brush. It's just annoying. - School starts in less then 2 weeks, and I'm not ready. + Sort of looking forward to it though, and also to cutting back my hours at work since I'm sort of sick of working and have decided to stop spending money for a while. - Started taking my lexipro again after a month break, and it makes me feel like shit again. hopefully it'll stop before school s
  5. I know a few people were interested in other stuff not on this list from my prior thread after my accident, but since I raised enough I am holding on to anything not listed (sorry). $10 minimum please. all prices are pre-postage, which should only be $4 for any order. 7 Inches Arms Aloft - Comfort At Any Cost - Olive Green - 77/138 $4 Fake Problems/Look Mexico - Under The Influence Vol. 1 - Yellow - /700 $5 Look Mexico - Gasp Asp - Light Blue Matte-finish Artwork Stamped W/ltd. edition silver foil - /200 $5 Men, Women & Children - Ultra Hot Volcano - Transparent Red - 119/500 $5 12
  6. I'm still playing Star Ocean 4. The game is not bad, but it is really slow and it's like an hour or two between save points sometimes, which is annoying since all the walking around gets really boring at times. I'm 10 hours in and only fought 3 bosses, and am still on the first disc. I hope this does not turn in a 100 hour game.
  7. I want to order this, but I either need to wait until I get paid, or my car is out of the shop and my check for the deductible is cashed. I'm betting I get paid first.
  8. Anyone know where to get their latest album besides amazon sellers? I know they have it on tour, but I missed them when they were here. Virgil are you able to get some copies of this in maybe? Does anyone have this anyway? How does the picture disc sound?
  9. I go through phases where I like it, then hate it. I am sort of in the middle now, since I seem to only like a really cold glass of Mug Root Beer with pizza.
  10. - So my check for the ticket must have been lost in the mail, or the fucking city is a bunch of lazy bastards since I sent it about 7 business days ago now and it still has not been cashed. + Called the Clerks of Courts office and they said they received it and cashed it on the 6th, so my bank must be slow for some reason. - Woke up with a headache again. - Another hot, humid day. + No work.
  11. - It's really hot and humid out. It was only like 70F and rainy yesterday, but today it's in the 90's and humid, which probably makes it feel worse then it is. - Burnt the tip of my tongue and it's annoying as hell. + Last day of work for the week.
  12. + Went to a small get together, and actually kind of had fun. I've also started to find my friend's new girlfriend less annoying, which I guess is good.
  13. And yet the Rolling Stones are still alive. There is no god damn justice. Seriously.
  14. I was not either. The internet has desensitized us!

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