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  1. Awesome. Excited for this. Also picked up the pink copy of Fake Problems HFOBWG
  2. Good record and insanely happy I got it when I had the chance. Stoked on some new Mictlan. He stuff on False Hopes XV was insane
  3. It's like that in the CD, too -- it's a gigantic drawing Frank did of all sorts of fucked up stuff: http://youngsoulsbreakmoulds.blogspot.com/2009/05/gallows-grey-britain-banned-artwork.html I really don't recall the CD (but I did buy it), is it like that in there too? Why even put the bar?
  4. Hey, so I bought "Grey Brittan" and all the inside artwork is censored. Is this just a hot Topic thing or was it like this for all vinyl? I mean, I don't really love the art, but it beats a big black bar.
  5. And it's fine that you don't care. I don't care either. But I don't find it creepy and I'm not embarassed by it. Creeped out and embarrassed are two different things. I know how a penis works. I know what a blow job is. I don't giggle when I hear the words. I do however have no urge to hear some dude talk about some random broad who "swallowed his load".
  6. usually i like to stick it in something repeatedly until it barfs. That sounds serious. You should get it some bulimia counseling.
  7. Or if pedophilia and rape are okay...amirite? So right! F'real, I'm not a pedophile.
  8. See, I think it's the opposite. I think people who are creeped out by it or find it offensive aren't comfortable enough in their sexuality. True story: What other dude's do with their boners is not my concern.
  9. I'm a big fan of lava cake (with the molten center) but my all time favorite is probably the cake my wife's mom made for our wedding. It was a chocolate Kahlua, cake with some orange zest, a white frosting and a chocolate melt over the frosting. I'd go though the whole wedding deal again just for that cake.
  10. It's primarily for people who don't feel comfortable enough in the sexual experience that they need affirmation that what they did was correct or acceptable. Honestly, this thread wasn't meant to be a big deal. It's mostly about how folks here always bring the creeps.
  11. That art work is totally fucked up for little kids. Whoever did it was brilliant.
  12. Some of those are amazing but who are the dickweeds who got them?

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