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  1. Something happened to my eBay account and everything pre-mid-October is gone. But up until then it looks like just about $71. I'm trying to limit my eBaying and stick to new releases.
  2. ***SPOILER ALERT!*** The last track goes through "Stickin' in My Eye" and then the band wonders off stage, comes back, banters a bit and start playing "The Decline" about 1 to 2 minutes into the song it fades out and the record ends. Commence fun and fury.
  3. God, I hate dealing with interpunk, especially in the pre-orders department. Twice, I've had them move back orders to unknown dates because a pre-order was late. One said it was actually backordered...not sure how that happens.
  4. Yeah, but I'll try and leave the org out of this. I kind of wanted to use a different screen name but this is the only one I can remember anymore. Anyhow, I just wanted to talk with other nerds about records and the Org is only good for that maybe 3 times a week. Right, so any info on "Willie" yet? I have a feeling these things are just going to start selling faster and faster.
  5. The last track is both amazingly humorous and upsetting. I think if I paid for it I would be more upset. I think with a 2xLP they could fit "The Decline" on there if they wanted to. I'm really excited about the vinyl of this, actually. Since Fat has been getting more on the vinyl wagon lately, I expect this to be pretty good.
  6. I know these 7" are selling out fast but I wonder how much are going to fans and how much are just getting flipped. I mean, I know they're popular, but 1,000+ in under 24 hours is insane. And, sorry, I don't have one to sell.
  7. Good god, was everyone at the Saturday show? I opted for Sunday (for several reasons) and all I heard from people was who was there Saturday and who wasn't coming Sunday. It was like some sort of redheaded step child.

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