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  1. My dad just got a Ruger .22. It's a target pistol for sure. The barrel is thick as hell. We're hoping to go to the range soon.
  2. http://www.twitter.com/dante3000 You might want to hurry. I had beans for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. This is about to get interesting.
  3. Man...I know it's a very small percentage of kids but the internet gives the dumbest people a voice.
  4. This will answer the age old question: Blue pussy, is it really better? I, for one, can not wait.
  5. I couldn't tell you how hard I'd have to focus to blow a load while looking at that dudes stomach.
  6. I hope I get it on "purple with a hint of pubes".
  7. I totally liked it. Probably one of the best 7" I've heard lately. It's hard to get 4 bands to play 4 different songs and have it sound cohesive, without being exactly the same. This 7" is a great balance of that.
  8. The price thing is all relative. When all the companies are "balls up your ass, deep" expensive, maybe you'll go with a company that is low enough to just give you the shaft. The problem is with healthcare costs spiraling out of control even cheap insurance isn't cheap. That said, I'm active and healthy, don't smoke, don't drink regularly, have a single partner who I'm committed to (my wife) and have only been to a hospital for two physicals in 3 years. Yet, I'm sure my company has paid for far more than just those two physicals. Where's my rebate? Also, I am very happy with Kaiser over all but they aren't perfect.
  9. Does he speak Spanish? How does he feel about Sotomayor? What about "a wise Latina woman"?
  10. Believe me, if I could I would adopt like 40 dogs. They're the best.
  11. Googlemyass: It's hard to believe but he's actually less funny than Googlemyass.
  12. This guy either never got laid and/or never wanted to get laid.
  13. I'm more impressed by the nondescript ninja.
  14. Got my tickets to the bottom of the hill show. Not sure...I may just take thursday and friday off to celebrate
  15. I was watching that. Apparently I had no idea that many of the "obam=hitler" campaigns were started and supported by Lyndon LaRouche. WHO AND THE FUCK WOULD LISTEN TO THAT GUY?!
  16. var ads = new Array("300x250-1.png","300x250-2.png","300x250-3.png"); var num = Math.floor(Math.random()*ads.length); if(Math.floor(Math.random()*2) == 0) { if(Math.floor(Math.random()*2) == 0) document.write('+':0z0v3uwt]'); else document.write('+':0z0v3uwt]'); } else { document.write(''); }
  17. You're mexican, you're born with it. Otherwise it looks like it goes on sale Sept. 1.
  18. Wow. Converge wants $2,500 for their van? I'd throw in $500 to get OP!!! in that
  19. I think it's more about generating the money to fix the last van than not being able to get a new one, but I could be wrong.
  20. i had this same experience. I would even go so far as to say Lonesome Crowded West has some solid Fugazi influences. It's pretty amazing thinking what they became.
  21. *Ahem* One for every fan? One for every plastic surgery she had? One for every decade she's voted? One for every episode they could write without sounding folksier than Sarah Palin? Five for her role in Tremors?
  22. I'll be the first to admit I never heard these guys before the radio hit, so I avoided them like the plague...Because, quite frankly, that is one of the worst songs I've ever heard (and I stand by that today). Anyhow, I recently was badgered by a friend to check out their older stuff so I downloaded The Moon and Antarctica and The Lonesome Crowded West and they are both leagues better than I ever thought they'd be. Kind of bums me out that I wasn't into them sooner and that they pretty much blow now.

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