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  1. so the 2x4" is like what 5 ft then? I'm interested in doing the 2x4" with the shelf for the record player now that I see how you have it set up. Just trying to figure out if I have to move any of the artwork I have hanging around.
  2. For real...how tall are you? I'm assuming you're using step stool or something.
  3. I mostly based my prices off of ebay prices. Dredg sold between $50 and $100 in the past month there. I'm more than willing to negotiate prices as I wouldn't get as much if I sold them for that much on ebay as it is.
  4. So I was getting ready to throw these records up on Ebay, but I figured I'd give you guys first crack at them since after fees and everything Ebay takes so much. 7" Civil Wars - Billie Jean - $10 Bazan - a Wish my kids were here b I heard the Bells on christmas(either orange or Red) - $10 10" Civil Wars - Poison and Win - $50 Civil Wars - TBD - $50 12" The Wonder Years - The Upsides - Brown - $30 The Wonder Years - Suburbia - Grey/Orange Split - $40 Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds Clear Green - $10 Yellowcard - When You're Through Thinking Say Yes Blue Marble- $25 XL Records Sampler 2011 - $25 (Tyler, The Creator, Friendly Fires, The Horros, Jai Paul, Adele, Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX, Radiohead) Dredg - The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion - Grey 2xlp - $60 Price can be negotiated, send me a message if you're even remotely interested in these records.
  5. yeah that's one I've been looking at. I think I'll look a little closer at it now.
  6. Hate to revive a thread so far gone, but has anyone been ordering lately? What sites are you using? Since 2009jerseys is shut down I'm looking for a new site, everyone in my office wants a jersey, and I said I'd be the one who get its going. Just trying to take the leg work out of finding a new place.
  7. If any one wants to play I've got all the DLC, I'm fairly new right now only like a level 23 Warlock but it's kind of a boring game on your own... Steviex2Shoes on Xbone
  8. Have at it. Seriously take a look at my list there are things on there that I'm just not attached to ask me about the records on my list. Someone buy my XBOX ONE games.
  9. I am... http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/90890-fs-wolfenstein-xbox-one-360-games-rekidzz/#entry2326954
  10. Just looked and the massdrop got the 100 people it needed to get the price to $319, so if you weren't so sure before its for sure now $319.
  11. So I causally browse a site called massdrop where its a wide variety of items but they have a heavy focus on audio equipment. What they do is contact the companies directly and see what the best possible deal they can get for an item is. They then say if 10 people buy the price is X, if 25 people buy the price is this and so on. Right now you have the possibility to get a Debut Carbon for $319(50 people need to purchase), the current price is at $359, but will drop once more people commit to buy it. I think this sites concept is pretty cool and I've been on there a bunch, I don't buy a ton but it's cool to look at and suggest things for them to try and get a massdrop going. Either way, this is my link obviously if you sign up I get stuff not exactly sure what, but I get stuff. So if you're looking for this table and that price is right for you go for it. https://www.massdrop.com/r/DVG563 Also this isn't Spam I swear!
  12. You can also get the Sleeve City Sleeves on amazon with Prime shipping. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B1WRFV8/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=39ZWRB9LFG1U&coliid=I2UVWQGR5GA5ZY I've used both MoFi and Sleeve City and they're both great.

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