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  1. okay, before anyone gets carried away, I think this (or something similar) has been mentioned before, and it's probably the same records for the most part. having said that, the prices on a number of records that I keep being tempted to pull the trigger on continue to drop on roughly a weekly basis, and I'm wondering if anyone else is doing the same (opening up a couple of amazon tabs once a day is a nice distraction from writing my master's thesis) NIN - The Slip $8.02 (not that cheap, but significantly cheaper than I've found anywhere else) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001B71NPC/ref=oss_product Anti-Flag - The People or the Gun $3.66 (yes, this has been on clearance at Hot Topic for about 6 months, but still) http://www.amazon.com/People-Gun-Vinyl-Anti-Flag/dp/B00230AHY4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1278982379&sr=1-2 Julien-K - Death to Analog $5.41 http://www.amazon.com/Death-Analog-Vinyl-Julien-K/dp/B001T46UB4/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1278982862&sr=1-5 Dead By Sunrise - Out of Ashes $12.89 $12.57 $12.26 $11.95 (not really a big fan of them, but it's basically Julien-K + chester from Linkin Park... anyway, it's gone down $2 over the past 2-3 weeks) http://www.amazon.com/Out-Ashes-Vinyl-Dead-Sunrise/dp/B002MJM85C/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1278982249&sr=1-5 The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die $12.66 $12.34 $12.03 $11.73 (I've seen this one as low as ~$7, but I didn't have the free amazon prime for students then, so I'm waiting for this to get that low again) http://www.amazon.com/Invaders-Must-Die-Vinyl-Prodigy/dp/B001PA65VM/ref=br_lf_m_1000511031_2_36_ttl?ie=UTF8&s=music&pf_rd_p=1264267362&pf_rd_s=center-3&pf_rd_t=1401&pf_rd_i=1000511031&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=0MNSXJD4YRFSHTJKS74B but yeah, anyone know of any other records that are plummetting in price on amazon?
  2. totally would have missed this, so thanks for posting!
  3. the last two didn't come with download cards, so I doubt this will. amazon will probably have "Autorip" for this, though, so you should get a digital version of the album (but not flac/wav)
  4. *Also not a financial advisor (but someone who does enjoy watching the stock market)* Since you bought your Lowes stock through an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (right?), do you know what the rules for selling shares are? I want to say to sell some shares -- to avoid being so tied up in a single company, not because the shares are down 20% since January -- but I don't know what the implications of that would be.
  5. I just did a quick google search, and unless this random website changed out their picture, the $275 bundle always contained the signed poster (like you're saying)
  6. shipping and the GBP->USD exchange rate are killing this for me, but I really wanna do it...
  7. cheaper on amazon https://smile.amazon.com/Are-Champions-World-Lawrence-Arms/dp/B0794MC7K3/ref=sr_1_9_twi_lp__2?ie=UTF8&qid=1517262818&sr=8-9&keywords=lawrence+arms and add me to list of people curious as to what this is...
  8. the records (not sure about the color) were available on Amazon ($31.98/each, as I recall), but then they disappeared a few days ago...
  9. harryq

    New A Perfecle Circle 10"

    hopefully this pops up on Amazon for that price...
  10. you seem defensive about that, but it's really only a good ~business decision. I can't imagine they'll press lots of these (e.g., how big is the market for live albums?), so it'll likely be (a) ~rare and (b) able to be sold for a profit sometime down the road. I wouldn't judge anyone who buys an extra copy with the intent to flip as anything other than ballsy (if this is more than $200, it's a pretty expensive gamble). in any case, sorry for ~accusing you of being entrepreneurial; enjoy your sealed records!
  11. To pretend you'll keep it, but ultimately hope to resell it for BIG profit
  12. blank for me on chrome on my laptop. weird.
  13. fwiw, I've never had problems ordering from Amazon UK. I made a bunch of orders earlier this year when the exchange rate was more favorable
  14. I'm not convinced that I actually want this, but since it's a pre-order, I suppose I can order now and decide later -- thanks!
  15. nope, this only popped up on nin.com yesterday. I've been anxiously (and impatiently) waiting this whole time
  16. are you referring to the physical component? I didn't order it myself, but I think people started receiving their orders in mid-August
  17. I mainly mean the slow drum beat. that + the sudden chaotic guitar riff kinda reminds me of some of the "closer" remixes that NIN did (e.g., the one that plays during the opening credits of Se7en)
  18. sounds as good as I expected a flexi to sound...
  19. my understanding is "2014=bad" and "2016=good". since this one is listed as sept 2014, my guess is "bad" 2014 discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Metallica-Ride-The-Lightning/release/6091189 2016 discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Metallica-Ride-The-Lightning/release/8385645 (first comment says it's terrible, others seem like it's fine)
  20. I'd also try recording in Audacity to see if it's only recording on one channel. That said, when I first bought my Bose headphones, the sound only came out of the left speaker. Then I realized I hadn't plugged the cable in all the way... so maybe check that, too
  21. fwiw, I recently bought an xbox one s from walmart.com, only to have the price drop $30 6 days later. after a few minutes in an online chat, I had a $30 refund. not saying that amazon's customer service isn't great, but I was pleasantly surprised by walmart's
  22. completely unrelated note, but since this thread has already been bumped, I just wanted to say that I'm digging Alessandro's new album, Avanti. I've had a bit of trouble getting into some of his other albums, but I've liked Avanti from the start. https://smile.amazon.com/Avanti-Alessandro-Cortini/dp/B074BKMKKX/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508958151&sr=8-1&keywords=alessandro+cortini+avanti