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  1. Anyone know what they are charging for the limp bizkit record
  2. Went up right on time. Did you get your time zones mixed up?
  3. get a speedbox, never touch the belt again
  4. Release Date: 8th December, 2023 SEMPITERNAL (10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION) ZOETROPE PICTURE DISC https://shop.bmthofficial.com/en-us/products/sempiternal-10th-anniversary-edition-zoetrope-picture-disc SEMPITERNAL (10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION) PICTURE DISC https://shop.bmthofficial.com/en-us/products/sempiternal-10th-anniversary-edition-picture-disc Bundles and whatnot: https://shop.bmthofficial.com/en-us/collections/sempiternal-10th-anniversary-edition?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NL_RCA_BMTH_NL_2023_11_13 Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sempiternal-Anniversary-VINYL-Bring-Horizon/dp/B0CGH7BDQF/
  5. i'm just happy to finally snag one at retail, i missed out the first time and it's my least favorite circa album so wasn't really willing to pay up for one but wanted it for the collection.
  6. Looks like a few copies are back in stock https://sumerianrecords.com/products/circa-survive-violent-waves-black-inside-transroyal-vinyl?_pos=1&_psq=violent&_ss=e&_v=1.0
  7. you can read his statement here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tR8q_7iQLqFjAnbhsowU8mhgTHDJR4tp0RMsSdPQ8uE/mobilebasic based on the info that's out there seems like he got pretty screwed by this whole thing, yeah he showed some pretty terrible judgement jerkin his gherkin to rando's on the internet, the fact is he didn't did get convicted of anything other than indecent exposure. court of public opinion destroyed this guys life.
  8. Drive thru just slowly devaluing all my OG pressings lol
  9. just went with the ugly rev color, oh well. the GITD version would've been my preference but surprise drops suck
  10. stupid ass bundles, whyyyyy and are they kidding with these prices? what the fuck drive-thru??
  11. https://overit.limitedrun.com/products/744971-over-it-timing-is-everything-20th-anniversary-lp *This is a preorder - records will begin shipping October 2023. If you're here from Canada, please visit thousandislandsrecords.com to pre-order!* Over It - Timing Is Everything (20th Anniversary LP) Over It's seminal full length record - Timing Is Everything - available on vinyl for the first time (ever). This deluxe package (a collaboration between Lobster Records & Sinking Ship Records) includes updated artwork, a 24" x 24" fold-out collage of band photos, and the audio has been newly remastered for vinyl. Track Listing: 1. Limiter 2. Wrong Way 3. Serial Kisser 4. Fall 5. Nothing Serious 6. Things You Never Knew Existed 7. Thrill Seeker 8. Worry Bomb 9. Cross Tolerance 10. Chasing A Constellation 11. Crush 12. Weightless Pressing Information 1st Pressing details: 300 - Split Yellow/Red 300 - Solid Red 400 - Black
  12. Got the iridescent blue today. It's pretty freaking cool looking. https://streamable.com/k6ies9
  13. hoping for a surprise reggie release at some point
  14. lol yeah that was my issue too when i first saw the promo, oh well. hopefully someone got something out of it.
  15. Celebrate Bandbox's 4th trip around the sun with BOGO storewide all weekend long at bandboxrocks.com by using code HAPPYBDAY. Ends Sunday. Let's party!
  16. dangit, today it's even cheaper! $44.20
  17. do the notification thing, it was "sold out" yesterday when I looked too but more went up today, could get lucky

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