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  1. i think he's pretty far from being religious now, if you google 'dustin kensrue christianity' there some interesting stuff out there one thing i noticed on that new revisited album, on Stare at the Sun, the lyric used to be: "I tear into the HISTORY, show me what it means to me in this world" now it's... "I tear into the MYSTERY, show me what it means to me in this world" which to me says he was originally singing about possibly christianity or the bible, he now doesn't see it as historical...
  2. thricemerch.com - 180g Black [Alliance Exclusive] /? - Cloudy Clear w/ Cream, Green, Blue Splatter /? - Blue Galaxy /1600 - Green /? - Ultra Clear /? https://thricemerch.com/collections/taita-vinyl/products/taita-20th-anniversary-reissue-12-vinyl-cloudy-clear-with-cream-green-blue-splatter https://thricemerch.com/collections/taita-vinyl/products/copy-of-taita-20th-anniversary-reissue-12-vinyl-blue-galaxy https://thricemerch.com/collections/taita-vinyl/products/taita-20th-anniversary-revisited-12-vinyl-green https://thricemerch.com/collections/taita-vinyl/products/taita-20th-anniversary-revisited-12-vinyl-ultra-clear newburycomics.com Exclusive - Green/Cream Split /300 https://www.newburycomics.com/products/thrice-the_artist_in_the_ambulance_revisited_exclusive_lp?variant=42122643898548 urbanoutfitters.com Exclusive - Blue & Cloudy Clear /1000 https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/thrice-the-artist-in-the-ambulance-limited-lp?quantity=1 banquetrecords.com Exclusive - Opaque Blue /300 https://www.banquetrecords.com/thrice/the-artist-in-the-ambulance---revisited/843563158814 ultra clear seems to be the only one still available as of right now (4:45pm CST)
  3. its probably been said before but i'd love a pressing of a static lullaby - and don't forget to breathe
  4. got my "teal" copy in the mail today, the photos i've seen of this are very deceiving, its just a translucent green, not at all teal. i had two orders, one teal on its own, and one silver with a shirt. the silver w/ shirt hasn't shipped yet.
  5. did you have to buy a bundle or were there a few individual copies initially?
  6. where did that link even come from? didnt show up on saosin.com or their IG. the casuals are gonna be LIVID
  7. RELEASE DATE: 1/20/23 FIRST PRESSING: 300 Translucent Violet (RevHQ Exclusive) SOLD OUT! 3000 Translucent Yellow https://revhq.com/collections/new-found-glory/products/new-found-glory-make-the-most-of-it 500 Natural Clear (Retail Store Exclusive) 300 Translucent Green (BrooklynVegan/The Hard Times/Revolver Magazine Exclusive) SOLD OUT! https://shop.thehardtimes.net/products/new-found-glory-make-the-most-of-it-lp-limited-edition-only-300-made-green-vinyl The forthcoming acoustic album, "Make The Most Of It," by New Found Glory tackles the last year head-on with their most emotional and cathartic collection of songs to date. Written in the wake of guitarist Chad Gilbert's cancer diagnosis and mixed by Mark Trombino (Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World), "Make The Most Of It" is a rumination on what it means to grieve, to live, to approach every day with appreciation and a sense of fulfillment. Gilbert and his bandmates - vocalist Jordan Pundik, bassist Ian Grushka, and drummer Cyrus Bolooki - are all husbands and fathers, and as elder statesmen of the pop-punk genre (though still able to incite a circle pit with ease), "Make The Most Of It" finds the quartet contemplating the future, what they hope their loved ones will hang on to, and how they'll be remembered. Track Listing: 1. Dream Born Again 2. Mouth To Mouth 3. Get Me Home 4. Watch The Lilies Grow 5. More Than Enough 6. Kiss The Floor 7. Bloom 8. Understatement* 9. All Downhill 10. Dressed To Kill 11. The Story So Far 12. Failures Not Flattering* 13. My Friends Over You* 14. Hit Or Miss* *Digital, CD & Cassette only
  8. Maroon Marble /500 https://www.newburycomics.com/products/circa_survive-two_dreams_exclusive_2lp?variant=41957635326132
  9. bought the ep's separate so probably gonna pass on this one
  10. when i got the notification they were back there was only 7 copies
  11. 4MM Green Tour Copies back up (out of stock again): https://thegetupkids.merchtable.com/music/vinyl/four-minute-mile-vinyl-lp STWHA Tour Copies back up: https://thegetupkids.merchtable.com/music/vinyl/something-to-write-home-about-vinyl-lp
  12. anthony green overload... we've now had new circa, solo stuff, ls dunes and now new tsoaf? i hope saosin didn't have plans to release anything anytime soon lol
  13. i just want Lechuza on vinyl, not all this gaff
  14. Limeade /600 - Newbury Comics Exclusive https://www.newburycomics.com/products/the_get_up_kids-four_minute_mile_exclusive_lp?variant=41951280005300
  15. in the interest of keeping everything in one handy dandy place...no word yet on that last 'teal marble' color Dreamsicle /500 - Hard Times/Brooklyn Vegan https://shop.thehardtimes.net/collections/vinyl/products/the-get-up-kids-four-minute-mile-lp-limited-edition-only-500-made-dreamsicle-vinyl https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/the-get-up-kids-four-minute-mile-lp-limited-edition-only-500-made-dreamsicle-vinyl Tangerine /300 - Zia Records https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13652268/get-up-kids-four-minute-mile-zia-exclusive-tangerine-colored-vinyl-limited-to-300?utm_source=IGShopping&utm_medium=Social Spring Green /500 - On Tour/TGUK Merchtable (Currently Sold Out) https://thegetupkids.merchtable.com/music/vinyl/four-minute-mile-vinyl-lp Baby Blue /2000? - Urban Outfitters https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/the-get-up-kids-four-minute-mile-limited-lp2?color=040&size=ONE%20SIZE&type=REGULAR&quantity=1 Bone /? - Indie/Various Record Stores https://www.roughtrade.com/us/the-get-up-kids/four-minute-mile/lp-plus Limeade /600 - Newbury Comics Exclusive https://www.newburycomics.com/products/the_get_up_kids-four_minute_mile_exclusive_lp?variant=41951280005300
  16. there will probably be a splatter based on this: https://shop.hasslerecords.com/products/saves-the-day-stay-what-you-are

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