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  1. Got my /700 copy today, another fat seam split on the top, yay. Matches the seam split on my copy of Full Collapse live I guess.
  2. also while we're on the topic, this really should've been it's own thread since it's not the same release...
  3. yeah same, checkout button appeared like it was doing absolutely nothing. what a shitty checkout experience.
  4. couldnt checkout on either the /100 or /200 and had zero issues with the full collapse drop. annoying.
  5. wow what a shitty checkout experience that was
  6. You can get this same variant on Amazon too btw
  7. Also Silent Treatment, and Senses Fail - The Fire.
  8. Looks like a repress of The Bled Found in the Flood is coming soon, got a notification from a UK site today that it's available for Pre Order The BLED Found In The Flood Hassle Format: LP Cat: HOFFVR 25LP13 Release date: 16 September 2022 Indie/Alternative
  9. i think this is all of the 2021 get up kids releases i've seen so far, with numbers and what not (made this earlier cause i was making a list myself to make sure of what i had and hadn't ordered yet) On A Wire: Red/Yellow Swirl /? - Vagrant US Red & Black Splatter (Retail) /? - Vagrant US Red/Yellow Swirl (Hand-numbered) /500 - Hassle UK Glow in the Dark /500 - Newbury Comics Exclusive Green/Grey Swirl /500 - Newbury Comics Exclusive Guilt Show: "Ghostly" Clear & Black Ice /500 - Vagrant Coke Bottle Clear w/ Red Splatter /300 - Vagrant Clear w/ Grey Splatter (Hand-numbered) /500 - Hassle UK Glow in the Dark /500 - Newbury Comics Exclusive "Cross Your Heart" (Red/Yellow Swirl?) /500 - Newbury Comics Exclusive Live At The Granada Theater: Green/White Swirl /500 - Vagrant US Transparant Blue w/ Red Splatter (Retail) /? - Vagrant US Green/White Swirl (Hand-numbered) /300 - Hassle UK Transparant Blue w/ Red Splatter (Hand-numbered) /900 - Hassle UK Coke Bottle Clear & Blue Swirl /600 - Newbury Comics Exclusive
  10. for anyone ordering from Vagrant, I fully recommend not ordering a single LP, their mailers are absolute garbage and they won't do anything to help you if it arrives damaged.
  11. the only thing i would want from this would be finch falling into place and fenix tx lechuza on vinyl everything else i'm good with the OG's
  12. my live sky noise creature club exclusive is out for delivery shipped 6 days ago
  13. i was able to sell mine on there a couple months back, i listed it as an 'import' as that's what other auctions were doing at that time and had no problems
  14. Got my violet copy in today, wondering why this thing was $40, it's not even a gatefold, sleeve is basic as it gets
  15. I haven't ever been into Anthony's solo stuff, but this song is so freaking good. Gonna give this pre order a shot.
  16. just got done listening to the digital download, actually sounds really good
  17. managed to snag the /100, but damn its annoying it didnt default to media mail. paid almost $9 for 'economy' like a chump
  18. its up! https://triplebrecords.net/products/new-found-glory-sticks-stones-20-year-anniversary-lp-pre-order
  19. The important info: Three variants total of 1000, 2xLP 180g, in hand not a preorder Violet /100 Eclipse Violet in White /200 White /700 On sale Tuesday (19th April) 1.00pm East Coast time 10.00am West Coast 6.00pm UK time 7.00pm Euro time www.velocityrecords.com

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