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  1. seems like they grossly underestimated the demand for this repress
  2. Well looks like White is the only option left lol Just noticed when I zoomed into the label image these are also being put out in conjuction with Mondo, interesting they are getting into the 2000's emo/pop punk game lol
  3. Both Dashboard records I've got recently have had damage. The mailers this company is using suck.
  4. im stoked too, very weird that mondo is doing them though!
  5. virgil finally let the .com domain lapse and nick bought it
  6. the only RSD variant i'm missing is Red. I was adding my collection to Discogs recently and was shocked at how much they were going for now.
  7. if anyone is so upset with sandbag that they want to sell their copy at cost...i'm here, waiting, patiently, with paypal...
  8. i didn't realize you couldn't get it anymore i remembered that i bought it back in the day on my PS3, i dug it out, fired it up and went to the store and low and behold i was still able to download it and play it
  9. I was kinda hoping it would be a red cross on white vinyl, but I'll take it. Close enough.
  10. and i'm here to say...still your 2017 champs baby! GO 'STROS!
  11. hypa hypa is such a banger, that video has gone insanely viral. i had never heard of them before seeing that. i went back and listened to their older stuff based on that track and none of it very good 🤷‍♂️
  12. I tried to get the 2 o'clock girlfriend drop last week and it was all gone in a couple mins, I was pretty surprised how popular these releases are
  13. if people could stop paying $100+ for this on ebay that would be grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat (i still need a copy)