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  1. i left for a week and a half to stay with my mom and take care of my dog, i left my computer for my now ex-room mate to use while i was gone, not thinking that i would be gone as long as i was, he evidently took it upon himself to very very very poorly scam a shitload of people using my information and the paypal debit card i had still sealed in the envelope it was mailed in sitting in my desk drawer. i am currently trying to contact everyone he stole from and everyone whom i had dealt with legitimately and trying to clear things up and resolve everything by the end of the weekend. i am furious as are many of you, and very very reasonably so. please bear with me, everything will be resolved in the next few days. thanks.
  2. http://deadformat.net/tradelist/salparadise everything on my list except my rise and fall stuff is open for consideration. I'm specifically trying to get rid of these if I can ASAP (as in the next few hours, i have a hefty/important vet visit for my sick pup tomorrow AM). Paypal only, I'd prefer to sell these as a package for a set price of $205ppd. As far as anything else make offers. Thanks. [+] pg.99 [x] document #5 [x] reptilian records [x] #609/666 [+] pg.99/city of caterpillar [x] level plane [x] 1st pressing [x] black [+] pg.99/enemy soil [x] sacapuntas [x] black [+] pg. 99 [x] document #8 [x] electric human project [x] 1111 yellow [+] pg. 99 [x] document #8 [x] electric human project [x] 1115 black [+] jeromes dream/orchid [x] witching hour [x] skull shaped [x] 197 red [x] mail order
  3. seriously up there. most fun i've had at a show in a really really really long time, possibly ever. grand buffet was probably the most humorous, though. both times i've seen them i've almost vomited from laughter.
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/?zngyyuyczgk lit lounge, charlotte, and gainesville tagged correctly with full (current) song names (using setlist from 2/6/10 at bowery as reference for "full" song names) and with artwork (a picture from each corresponding show).
  5. tylenol 3 is garbage i guess it works on some people, with all the abuse of everything else it sucks that their hands are tied. if she's in too much pain try and get something stronger, it's definitely not too bad after a few days, just make sure she keeps her mouth/wounds clean, that's what'll get you.
  6. today was my last treatment! so stoked, stomach kind of hurts - but it's up for debate whether that is from food or chemo. so stoked!! last shot/dr visit is tomorrow, pretty thrilled to be the fuck done with this! so exciting and liberating. i feel free and awesome.
  7. hahahaha. thanks. that's creepy in the way i like things to be creepy.
  8. a good person informed me that if i made a separate thread just for this record that i could probably get a decent amount for this. normally i'm not a person who ever sells records, hell i barely even trade them. but cancer sucks and is expensive and i need to get rid of things/make as much money as possible to pay these bills. other relevant threads to this are: general, hey i have cancer and it sucks thread: http://vinylcollective.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30169&start=0 and i have cancer buy my shit for real cheap thread: http://vinylcollective.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=37454 not trying to get record breaking popsike prices here (fyi that is $153USD), just like, you know...a good samaritan offer. for the record, i played it once on a rega p1, it's in a 6mil dust sleeve. if someone wants to pay $100+ and is in the US, as an added sign of gratitude for helping me through the shittiest thing i hope to ever go through, i will also send you a loaf of home made (from a secret recipe) (organic) banana bread (your choice of: regular, vegan, bourbon) for the holidays.
  9. bump bump. got sick over the weekend, packages go out tomorrow. please help me get rid of the rest of this stuffff.

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