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  1. i left for a week and a half to stay with my mom and take care of my dog, i left my computer for my now ex-room mate to use while i was gone, not thinking that i would be gone as long as i was, he evidently took it upon himself to very very very poorly scam a shitload of people using my information and the paypal debit card i had still sealed in the envelope it was mailed in sitting in my desk drawer. i am currently trying to contact everyone he stole from and everyone whom i had dealt with legitimately and trying to clear things up and resolve everything by the end of the weekend. i am furious as are many of you, and very very reasonably so. please bear with me, everything will be resolved in the next few days. thanks.
  2. http://deadformat.net/tradelist/salparadise everything on my list except my rise and fall stuff is open for consideration. I'm specifically trying to get rid of these if I can ASAP (as in the next few hours, i have a hefty/important vet visit for my sick pup tomorrow AM). Paypal only, I'd prefer to sell these as a package for a set price of $205ppd. As far as anything else make offers. Thanks. [+] pg.99 [x] document #5 [x] reptilian records [x] #609/666 [+] pg.99/city of caterpillar [x] level plane [x] 1st pressing [x] black [+] pg.99/enemy soil [x] sacapuntas [x] black [+] pg. 99 [x] document #8 [x] electric human project [x] 1111 yellow [+] pg. 99 [x] document #8 [x] electric human project [x] 1115 black [+] jeromes dream/orchid [x] witching hour [x] skull shaped [x] 197 red [x] mail order
  3. seriously up there. most fun i've had at a show in a really really really long time, possibly ever. grand buffet was probably the most humorous, though. both times i've seen them i've almost vomited from laughter.
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/?zngyyuyczgk lit lounge, charlotte, and gainesville tagged correctly with full (current) song names (using setlist from 2/6/10 at bowery as reference for "full" song names) and with artwork (a picture from each corresponding show).
  5. tylenol 3 is garbage i guess it works on some people, with all the abuse of everything else it sucks that their hands are tied. if she's in too much pain try and get something stronger, it's definitely not too bad after a few days, just make sure she keeps her mouth/wounds clean, that's what'll get you.
  6. today was my last treatment! so stoked, stomach kind of hurts - but it's up for debate whether that is from food or chemo. so stoked!! last shot/dr visit is tomorrow, pretty thrilled to be the fuck done with this! so exciting and liberating. i feel free and awesome.
  7. hahahaha. thanks. that's creepy in the way i like things to be creepy.
  8. a good person informed me that if i made a separate thread just for this record that i could probably get a decent amount for this. normally i'm not a person who ever sells records, hell i barely even trade them. but cancer sucks and is expensive and i need to get rid of things/make as much money as possible to pay these bills. other relevant threads to this are: general, hey i have cancer and it sucks thread: http://vinylcollective.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30169&start=0 and i have cancer buy my shit for real cheap thread: http://vinylcollective.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=37454 not trying to get record breaking popsike prices here (fyi that is $153USD), just like, you know...a good samaritan offer. for the record, i played it once on a rega p1, it's in a 6mil dust sleeve. if someone wants to pay $100+ and is in the US, as an added sign of gratitude for helping me through the shittiest thing i hope to ever go through, i will also send you a loaf of home made (from a secret recipe) (organic) banana bread (your choice of: regular, vegan, bourbon) for the holidays.
  9. bump bump. got sick over the weekend, packages go out tomorrow. please help me get rid of the rest of this stuffff.
  10. bumping for you. glad i bought this when it came out.
  11. awesome thank you. will go out thursday, have to transfer to my bank/have chemo tuesday so thats probably the soonest that i'll have access to the money as it is, but also the first day after that i'll feel goods. i'll update/pm you when it's out for sure.
  12. also, i know to expect this of this board, but include a note in the paypal thing so i don't get confused. thanks.
  13. Shit, I had forgotten about this. I guess I am finally seeing the downside of being a drunk. Anyway. I want that Slowreader shirt. How's $8 + shipping work for you? works fine and $10.50 (8+2.50 shipping) is currently the going rate for shirts. [email protected] there is no downside to being a drunk, at all. the downside is that we all can't be drunks all of the time.
  14. here is how these breakdown: 3 7"s for $10 + $5 shipping (except for the learn test press, which you can make offers on) 3 lps for $20 + $8 shipping excluded from those are things that hold some value (learn test, jeromes dream/orchid, reign supreme 12", and the verse posi press) you'll have to work me a little bit on those. I really would love to avoid sending out just a single 7" hence the pricing. but here are shipping rates: 1 7" - $2.50 2 7" - $3.50 3 7" - $5.00 more than that we can figure out based on the # 1 LP - $5.00 2-3 LP (double lps, too) - $8.00 4 - $10.00 more than that, we'll figure out too. seven inch records [+] ann beretta [x] burning bridges [x] fueled by ramen [x] black [+] answer, the [x] you had your chance [x] black [+] any last words [x] any last words [x] havoc [x] 500 green [+] ben folds [x] landed [x] epic [x] black [+] boy sets fire [x] suckerpunch training [x] deathwish [x] blue marble [+] caninus [x] now the animals have a voice [x] war torn [x] 525 brown/white [+] corn on macabre [x] chapter i [x] magic bullet [x] clear [+] dead hearts [x] the words you betray [x] triple attack/round 2 [x] 100 grey [+] dead kennedys [x] nazi punks fuck off [x] alternative tentacles [x] black [+] good clean fun [x] victory records sucks [x] phyte [x] prince picture disk [+] highscore [x] highscore [x] la familia [x] black [+] holy mountain, the [x] wrath [x] no idea [x] tan [+] in my eyes [x] live in philly [x] significant [x] 100 white [+] johnny cash [x] hey porter/it yakes one to know me [x] columbia [x] black [+] joshua fit for battle [x] joshua fit for battle [x] prizeifght [x] black [+] learn [x] better days ahead [x] bottled up [x] test [x] black [+] look out [x] unrestrained [x] triple b [x] blue [+] mock heroic, the [x] four songs [x] nimbus module [x] black [+] planes mistaken for stars [x] spearheading the sin movement [x] no idea [x] 330 bubblegum [+] police beat [x] time for coffee [x] think fast! [x] 90 grey swirl [+] purpose [x] what it's worth [x] special forces [x] black [+] rancor [x] flip the switch [x] youngblood [x] black [+] red son [x] red son [x] rebuild [x] red [x] #50/100 [+] reign supreme [x] american violence [x] malfunction [x] 300 red/black haze [+] religious as fuck [x] religious as fuck [x] vinyl rites [x] black [+] set to explode [x] set to explode [x] grave mistake [x] black [+] so be it [x] the wrath of the skies [x] deathwish [x] 1405 white [+] spitting cobra! [x] love shield [x] self-released [x] yellow [+] switchblade [x] featuring mattias friberg of logh [x] icarus/deathwish [x] 250 white [+] the academy is... [x] checkmarks [x] fueled by ramen [x] black [+] what lies ahead [x] failure notice [x] urgency/grave mistake [x] #48/150 ___________________________________________________________________ split seven inch records: [+] ampere/ringers [x] no idea [x] 141 pale pinkish/purpleish/grey [+] assistant, the/scarlet letter, the [x] alone [x] 1st pressing [x] black [+] critic, the/devices [x] attack now! [x] 375 green/pink [+] cold world/war hungry [x] six feet under [x] black [+] earthquate/gak attack [x] triple b [x] 107 blue [+] earthquate/gak attack [x] triple b [x] 160 yellow/green [+] earthquate/gak attack [x] triple b [x] 247 black [+] flame still burns/diehard youth [x] think fast! [x] black [+] flowers in the attic/roma delenda est [x] mccarthyism [x] 400 black [+] mannequin/transistor transistor [x] robotic empire [x] 600 black [+] mortal combat/last minute [x] thrash steady syndicate [x] black [+] palatka/the end of the century party [x] self-released [x] black [+] shikari/phoenix bodies [x] electric human project [x] 1000 red [+] spirit of versailles/saqqara [x] 605 [x] black [+] textbook traitors/rats into robots [x] magic bullet [x] black [+] traitor/casey jones [x] music city 6 [x] black [+] warriors, the/with or without you [x] straight hate [x] red [x] 50 bust! streetwear edition ___________________________________________________________________ compilation seven inch records: [+] v/a [x] north by northeast: kurbjaw/halfmast/cornerstone/xemissionx [x] black ___________________________________________________________________ ten inch records: [+] bones brigade [x] endless bummer [x] still holding on [x] black [+] loved ones, the [x] the loved ones [x] chunksaah [x] red/green ___________________________________________________________________ split ten inch records: ___________________________________________________________________ twelve inch records: [+] acrid [x] eighty sixed [x] no idea [x] 505 clear/black [+] acrid [x] sea of shit [x] no idea [x] 1550 red [+] agnostic front [x] live at cbgb [x] street justice [x] #372/500 [+] allman brothers band, the [x] eat a peach [x] warner brothers [x] black [+] allman brothers band, the [x] the allman brothers band [x] polygram records [x] black [+] anthem eighty eight [x] define a lifetime [x] no idea [x] 550 white [+] asthma atttaq [x] asthma atttaq [x] nimbus module [x] black [+] atkins, chet [x] sails [x] columbia [x] black [+] aqualung [x] strange and beautiful [x] columbia [x] black [+] back when [x] we came as ghosts [x] shock value [x] green/blue & brown/white[+] blacklisted [x] heavier than heaven...lonelier than god [x] deathwish [x] 1500 blue/black haze [+] blues brothers [x] the best of the blues brothers [x] atlantic [x] black [+] ...but alive [x] biz jetz ging alles gut [x] g7 welcoming committee [x] black [+] clash, the [x] london calling [x] epic [x] black [+] clapton, eric [x] slowhand [x] rso [x] black [+] cock sparrer [x] shock troops [x] taang! [x] black [+] cold world [x] dedicated to babies who came feet first [x] deathwish inc [x] 1100 orange [+] creedance clearwater revival [x] creedance clearwater revival [x] fantasy stereo [x] black [+] creedance clearwater revival [x] bayou country [x] fantasy stereo [x] black [+] creedance clearwater revival [x] green river [x] fantasy stereo [x] black [+] creedance clearwater revival [x] willy and the poorboys [x] fantasy stereo [x] black [+] cypress hill [x] til death do us part [x] columbia [x] black [+] dead prez [x] rbg [x] columbia [x] black [+] death cab for cutie [x] transatlanticism [x] barsuk [x] black [+] doors, the [x] the best of the doors [x] black [+] dragnet [x] we're all cutthroats [x] deadalive [x] black [+] dropkick murphys [x] blackout [x] hellcat [x] black [+] embrace today [x] soldiers [x] deathwish [x] 700 orange [+] facade burned black [x] ashen remains of midwestern flames [x] clean plate [x] black [+] franz ferdinand [x] take me out [x] nomino [x] black [+] good clean fun [x] on the streets... [x] phyte [x] black [+] gregg allman band, the [x] i'm no angel [x] cbs [x] black [+] gym class heroes [x] new friend request [x] decaydance/fueled by ramen [x] black [+] haram [x] haram [x] lovitt [x] clear [+] harrison, george [x] living in the material world [x] the gramophone company [x] black [+] harry chapin [x] anthology of harry chapin [x] elektra [x] black [+] hope of the states [x] the lost riots [x] epic [x] black [+] huey lewis and the news [x] sports [x] chrysalis [x] black [+] hugs [x] hugs [x] slave union [x] 525 screened b-side [+] isley brothers, the [x] taken to the next phase [x] epic [x] black [+] jamiroquai [x] dynamite [x] epic [x] black [+] jethro tull [x] aqualung [x] reprise records [x] black [+] john lennon plastic ono band [x] john lennon plastic ono band [x] columbia [x] black [+] kansas [x] the best of kansas [x] cbs associated [x] black [+] killer mike [x] my chrome [x] sony [x] blacke [+] lamb of god [x] ashes of the wake [x] epic [x] black [+] legend, john [x] get lifted [x] columbia [x] black [+] lennon, john [x] imagine [x] apple records [x] black [+] mid carson july [x] ten years on autopilot [x] workshop [x] yellow [+] most precious blood [x] our lady of annhiliation [x] deathwish/trustkill [x] 250 blue [+] most precious blood [x] our lady of annhiliation [x] deathwish [x] 1349 clear [+] nas [x] street's disciple [x] columbia [x] black [+] nation of ulysses, the [x] the embassy tapes [x] dischord [x] black [+] nine [x] kiling angels [x] combat rock industry [x] black [+] officer jones and his patrol car problems [x] memorial [x] mashnote [x] black [+] palatka [x] the end of irony [x] no idea [x] black etched b-side [+] queen [x] greatest hits [x] elektra [x] black [+] reign supreme [x] defiant dj single [x] dead by 23 [x] 256 united blood festival press [x] black [+] rolling stones [x] between the buttons [x] london [x] black [+] rolling stones [x] sticky fingers [x] atco [x] black [+] shai hulud [x] that within blood ill tempered [x] revelation [x] black [+] simon, paul [x] graceland [x] wb [x] black [+] steely dan [x] pretzel logic [x] abc records [x] black [+] steely dan [x] the royal scam [x] abc records [x] black [+] steely dan [x] aja [x] abc records [x] black [+] stereo, the [x] three hundred [x] fueled by ramen [x] black [+] stereo, the [x] rewind and record [x] fueled by ramen [x] black [+] suicidal tendencies [x] suicidal tendencies [x] frontier [x] black [+] suspects, the [x] the suspects [x] power publishing [x] black [+] taylor, james [x] greatest hits [x] wb [x] black [+] versoma [x] life during wartime [x] robotic empire [x] 200 mudslide [+] windmills by the ocean [x] windmills by the ocean [x] robotic empire [x] black [+] what happens next? [x] stand fast armageddon justice fighter!!! [x] sound pollution [x] black [+] wings [x] red rose speedway [x] the gramophone company [x] black [+] wings [x] wings over america [x] capitol [x] black [+] witches with dicks [+] manual [x] kiss of death [x] 157 black/brown haze [+] x-ecutioners [x] revolutions [x] columbia [x] black [+] xzibit [x] weapons of mass destruction [x] columbia [x] black [+] young, neil [x] after the gold rush [x] wb [x] black [+] zappa, frank [x] you is what you is [x] cbs records [x] black ___________________________________________________________________ split twelve inch records: [+] 5ive/kid606 [x] hydradhead [x] blue [+] magrudergrind/shitstorm [x] robotic empire [x] green/black [+] neil perry/joshua fit for battle [x] level plane [x] black [+] one am radio, the/wind up bird, the [x] paramnesia [x] white [+] palatka/assholeparade [x] coalition [x] black [+] phobia/resist and exist [x] profane existence [x] black [+] tchaikovsky/ponchielli [x] the nutcracker suit/dance of the hours [x] black [+] varsity/bloodpact [x] plus minus [x] black
  15. it was also the last one in the FBR warehouse and i have no use for it as a Small.
  16. bump. dudes, this stuff has become a burden, please help me get rid of it. deals can be worked out on things. buy the fall out boy hoodies for your sisters or something. Otherwise all these things will go to thrift stores. I have some Monkey V Robot toys, too. If anyone still wants those at all. Because I don't.

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