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  1. Added a few. I still have 7"s to add but I have to go to work. I am off tmrrw if anyone's bored and wants to buy these records for cheap. I'm gonna start throwing some of these on eBay which I'll gladly remove if someone throws inquiries!
  2. That's because the last two weeks were duuuuuuumb. Life sux, but HEY IM ALIVE! And I sent everyone's records out. Well, except yours Oscar! I'm going that tomorrow! Party on, Wayne!
  3. I'm literally selling these $10-$15 (except for a few bc duh) a piece. I'm moving in two months. The less the better. These aren't in alphabetical order bc I took two pictures of all the records and then wrote into my Notes of each one, column by column. Very sorry about that. I bought 50 mailers and 100 poly sleeves, so I'm ready to ship. Text me (nothing disgusting unless it's pizza related) 540-664-8961 or tweet me (at) "addicted2yoohoo" or snap me "heyimdandan". I still have a healthy bit unlisted that I'll eventually post too. Buncha random but decent 7"s and a few 10s.
  4. I attempted at photoshopping "The Wizard of Nas", but my college skills are in the gutter along with the nickelback's career :/
  5. Guys. I'm listening to La Dispute while watching the Simpsons on mute. SUCK IT DARK SIDE OVER THE FUCKING MOON WHILE WATCHING THE WIZARD OF NAS oh man...I have a photoshop idea...
  6. someone go through my deadformat shit and buy everything. I'll throw in two cats, some Jeff Lemire comics (mainly Trillium), Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot", and 1/4 bag of wasabi peas. also here's another random fucking gif near and dear to my heart
  7. HOLY SHIT BALLS IM BACK (AGAIN) AND SEVERELY BROKE. BUY ME VEYENULL. that's possibly the lamest spelling of vinyl, but FUCK I DON"T CARE. I have like 20 messages I need to peruse. Gonna kill it like this old fucker bein' cool on a board

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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