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  1. Prostitution as well. Oh man I had some good times.
  2. GODDAMNIT. No, that's not my username. I do not have an iPhone or smart phone with this scrabble app. However, it's seriously blowing the fuck up. You lucky dizzawgz.
  3. Go be a park attendant at a parks & rec. You drive around the park in a fucking gator getting paid $9-$11 (depending on size of park). You will have to clean shelters before and after rentals, but out of working 7 hours, you might only actually work an hour. There's always money in the banana stand.
  4. HRP>MEO>TIWIKABG>>TMBCLT>Acoustics>BLIWYYYAM>POI>IDO>OMNI But, what's awesome about my upinonion is that I have soooo much MTB music to listen to before OMNI, so I'm content.
  5. Yeah I'm tempted to buy this too. I would email them to combine shipping, buuuut pointless with free shipping. Hell yes. Well, before I even finished this post I decided to order it.
  6. i did. got no response. That sucks man. Sorry about that. However, until the repress of HRP, definitely keep your eyes out. I've randomly seen sites and other message boards have someone post theirs for cheap. Actually, I believe some dude sold his for $12 a couple weeks ago on here haha Either way, good luck!
  7. i sent an email to david at SS to see if they were sitting on any copies of HRP because i have been searching for it and can't afford to pay 80+ for it. he told me that they plan to repress it later this year. Try emailing luckyhorse industries.
  8. Hell yeah man I'm listening to "Crawlspace" by Caspian right meow. Fuckin amazing.
  9. #. >65 Days of Static* A. >Activities of Dust* >Adai* >Admiral Browning* >Ahleuchatistas* >Angel Eyes* >Animals as Leaders* >Armada* >The Autumn Project* B. >BATTLES >Beware of Safety* >Bitcrush* >The Blackheart Rebellion* >Blacktop Project* >Black Tusk >The Bloom* >Boris >Brass Bell* >Braveyoung* >By the End of Tonight* C. >Cancer Conspiracy >Caspian >Cinemechanica >Collapse Under the Bridge* >Collections of Colonies of Bees* >Crime in Choir* >Cue* >Cult of Luna* D. >Dakota/Dakota >Daniel Higgs* >Destroyalldreamers* >Don Caballero >Doug Scharin* >Dredg E. >Earth* >Earthless* >Efterklang* >Einstuzende Neubauten* >El Ten Eleven >Electro Quarterstaff* >Eluvium >Envy >Errors* >Esmerine* >Euphone* >The Evpatoria Report* >Explosions in the Sky F. >Foxhole* >Fly Pan Am* >From Monument to Masses G. >Ghastly City Sleep* >Ghosts and Vodka* >Giants >Gifts From Enola >Glaciers* >God is an Astronaut* >Godspeed >Grails H. >Hadoken* >Hammock >Hangedup* >Harvey Milk >Him* >Holy Fuck* >House of Low Culture* >Human Bell* >Hurt Model* I. >If These Trees Could Talk* >Ill Second Earthless* >Irepress >Isis J. >Jakob* >Josh LaRue* >Junius* K. L. >Lights Out Asia* >Lotus >Lye By Mistake* M. >Maserati >Menomena* >Mogwai >Mono >Monolith* >Mouth of the Architect >My Angel Sleeps on the Other Rail* >My Education* >Mylene Sheath* N. >Nathan Bell* >Nest* >Neurosis >New Century Classics* O. >Oceansize* >The Octopus Project* P. >Paucity >Pelican >Pitchblende* >Polar Bear* >Pretend* Q. R. >Ray Barbee* >Red Sparowes >Rosetta >Russian Circles S. >Sacrifice Poles* >The Samuel Jackson Five* >Saxon Shore* >Send Away Stranger* >September Malevolence* >Set Fire to Flames* >Seven Nautical Miles* >Sigur Ros >Six Parts Seven >Silver Mt. Zion >Sleep Dealer* >The Sleep Design* >Slint* >Slow Six* >Snack Truck >The Sorts* >Sparrows Swarm and Sing >Stars of the Lid* >The Stella Link* >Stinking Lizaveta* >Strangers Die Every Day* >STS9* >Suffocate For Fuck Sake T. >Thisquitarmy* >This is Your Captain Speaking* >This Will Destroy You >Tides >Tenebre* >Throbbing Gristle* >Toe* >Tortoise >Toundra* >Trans Am >Tristeza >The Turing Machine* U. >Ufomammut* >Unwed Sailor V. W. >We All Inherit the Moon* >The Weak Men* >World's End Girlfriend X. Y. >Year of No Light* >Yndi Halda >Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson* Z. >Zombi* >Zomes*
  10. When we saw BN/Thrice/mwY a few years ago, some girl got knocked out in the front and as the band played, I remember Jesse saying, "hey! someone help that girl" and then they stopped playing so he could basically tell everyone to chill out, enjoy the music, and be easy with one another. No 'booing' occurred, and everyone still enjoyed their set. So far the best shows I've seen have been put on by Murder by Death and Explosions in the Sky. Hell, even Kevin Devine is up there. I don't need my face melted at a show to see it as amazing. I'm just glad I'll get to see them again. Those pricey prices are a bitch, but I'm sure the club prices for renting have gone up and whatnot, and regardless, I know I'll have fun. I also hope that whoever sees them gets the same experience as I will -- if not, sorry.
  11. Fuck it, I ordered it haha This will be my 5th shirt from woot.
  12. Wavering radiant was decent, but everything else prior is fucking awesome.
  13. I'm seeing them next week with Caspian -- I'll pick up whatever merch I can. And I thought Wrestling Moves was on vinyl by Sargent House? I'll email 'em.
  14. This thread depresses me just as much as the "Top 10 Beaches" on the Travel Channel haha. I've had opportunities to visit Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Rome back in high school, but I couldn't sell enough sports cards out of my locker to pay for any of them. Good luck with wherever you go! Or can go to haha Check out CABO WABOOOOO
  15. I like how when they say, "The balloon is gently inflated" it shows cracks into the bones haha... Yeah, like it's going to feel like I'm on a terrible vacation or something! Cracked facial bones don't hurt...
  16. I know this guy so well, he's sitting right next to me. BUY FROM HIM.
  17. So i never checked out this thread until today (which I'm kicking myself; there are some photo-gems in here), but I'm curious, do you mean AWKARD outfits, or ANDREW WK outfits? Because both are acceptable (also, separating those into two different categories now seems a bit redundant. haha) ANDREW WK....white t with blood and shit. ya na i mean?
  18. Holy shit man that's nuts! Good luck with that! I like how when they say, "The balloon is gently inflated" it shows cracks into the bones haha... Have fun!
  19. RIP Mitch. "I'm a heroine addict. I need to have sex with women who have saved someone's life."
  20. I remember leaving to visit my buddy at UVA and I think it was either snowing or torrential downpour which made me not want to drive two+ hours in that mess, so I didn't go. Once the weekend passed, I then received word from him that Brand New had played a free show. I could've killed someone. I'm assuming you went to UVA? I got to see MTB and P.o.S. at the starr hill music hall/brewery back in '06, and that was awesome. I almost passed out driving back home because I was so tired, but I stuck my head out the window like a dog and that kept me awake enough to make it home. Good times.
  21. The alphabet gets confusing when you're drunk.
  22. Whyyyyy, Yu, why?? Next time they visit, tell them to never play that song again. Actually, tell them to just stop playing music. thanks, buddy!

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