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  1. Just swingin' by to say hey dudes and dudettes I've worked for American Eagle for over 7 years, and my roommate works for Pac Sun so if anyone needs a hook up, lemme know I think he gets 30% off, but I get 40-60%, just depends on when new shit comes out. Also, I usually get 25% on top of whatever clearance deals that are occurring. I mainly wear pac sun clothes button ups to AE haha...also recently I've purchased a few $15 hawaiian shirts from SEARS bc I can and I want to and I love the movie johnny tsunami 90% of my shirts are western plaids and light flannels, or solid button-ups... I rarely wear a regular T out of the house...I feel naked if I do, it's strange. If I do wear a regular T it's my woody allen shirt ive forever had (sans "WOODY"): i love that shirt to death
  2. - I haven't been on the boards in so fucking long - last week I got drunk while watching MacGruber with a relatively new friend's ex gf who's also a new friend, and she ended up puking after the movie because I forgot my tolerance is way too fucking high and she tried to keep up (3 stella's, 3 shots of whiskey, and 1 shot of vodka)...I made her a bangin' grilled cheese and set up a trash can next to my bed, and had water ready for her for whenever she was to finish. While throwing up, I kept drinking bc, well, I was bored haha, but periodically checked on her. After about an hour, I went out to my car to get my charger/secretly call my roommate to tell him whats going on...5 minutes in I received a text from her that said "i'm better, come lie down i dont kick " so, thinking it was time to crash (at this point I had 4 stellas/6 shots), I lied down next to her and closed my eyes. We were spooning and, well, I got a friggin boner and said, "ah damnit...I'm sorry" because, well, I didn't want to put ANY sort of pressure literally and figuratively haha. She turned around and within seconds my pants were off and her bra on my floor. Boned twice/showered in between. did NOT expect that at all. and yes...she did brush her teeth before anything happened haha. - I haven't been on the boards in so fucking long so there ya go
  4. WHAAAAAAT. THAT'S AWESOME, MAN. My roommate lost his shit last night when AWK followed then tweeted AT him haha He drunkenly ran around the living room saying, "He partys me, he really partys me!"
  5. This was from my wedding a couple months ago with Marion Cotillard. Prob had the best groomsmen and pastor of choice ever. Twas a fun wedding.
  6. I haven't been on the boards in over a yeeeaaarrr or, hell, maybe two, so lemme say HEY HI WHATS UP, I'M DAN AND I, LIKE TO PARTY (and watch Hot Rod). Now. Where are you in VA? I grew up in Berryville/Winchester, but currently reside in the Land of Mary, which is okay I guess. I think someone mentioned joining fight clubs and frequenting coffee shops, which is a great idea. What are you hobbiesssss? JUST GO. GO do something. I recently began hiking parts of the appalachian trail and have come across some neat people that I've made plans to go with, because I've been hiking ALONE and although it's relatively safe, I really don't want to come across a bear and NOT have anyone witness me punch it in its throat! Also snakes! One thing I was told years ago by some random dude who travels the world as a "nomad": "Be interesting, and be interested" That was all. Pretty cool dude. So, without any friends nearby, you've a fresh start. Spend a weekend bar-hopping with an English accent and fool the hell out of people, just make sure you make up a name because they'll facebook you. Oh, try tumblr. I've made some really cool friends from around the world that I occasionally drunk-skype with and it's so much fun, and I've had it less than a year. K bye.
  7. EVEN IF the BNO cancels, I'll still pee em you, k?! Maaaaybe bc I might have a 2nd copy. But where the fuck it is, idk haha. I'll surely know by this weekend, rickyfuller. rickyferrisbueller*
  8. TO all of you lovely lads who bought/are buying: I'm mailing them out Friday rather than tomorrow because good 'ol student loans dude called me today saying I fucked up my last payment (AWESOME) and paid way too low (I was probably drunk when I paid, whatever), so as of eight hours ago I'm broke until I get paid in a few days. COOL. Plus, it'll get me a chance to have everything packaged purrfectly and find some good hot sauces for a couple of you dudes. Thanks again for helping me out!
  9. mmmmm you could eat it and have a bear vs shart
  10. Well I have TWO. One for possibly this one dude who wants one, and the other one for youuuuu
  11. Just spent the last hour trying to figure out my old username n password/fixed/that was fun. Hey GUYS N GALS, HOWVE YA BEEN. mizz-u. I want and neeeeed to sell my vinyl, because at some point I'll be moving to Cali (unless an AWESOME job appears out of nowhere) AND the fact that my student loans are heavier than Yokozuna after leaving a golden corral. Either way, I know you vet and rook users will help meeee, I hoooope. I HAVE ONLY 15 RECORD MAILERS, so some will be in legit packaging, others will be in DIY mailers. PM me or text me (540 664 8961), I dont give a shit. Just help me out. I was to use eBay for some of them, but fuck that. If anyone does a bulkload purchase, I will include a bottle of hot sauce of my choice at random (probably sriracha). Also, I haven't updated my 7" and 10" yet, mainly because it took like 3 hours to organize my 12s and whew that was a treat, but I'll get up on that soon, so just stick with the 12s, sweet thangs. OKAY GO
  12. i will give you a free coupon for 10,000 blowjobs. However, those will cost you.
  13. var ads = new Array("300x250-1.png","300x250-2.png","300x250-3.png"); var num = Math.floor(Math.random()*ads.length); if(Math.floor(Math.random()*2) == 0) { if(Math.floor(Math.random()*2) == 0) document.write('+':xyuqugng]'); else document.write('+':xyuqugng]'); } else { document.write(''); }
  14. Ditto, my brotha. I thought downloading the Little Photo app was the same thing. Well, it is, buuuut it just doesn't have that online sharing shiz. SUMBICH.
  15. Fuck CSS. Also, this album equals phenomenal. Nothing spins as perfectly as this.
  16. Fuck CSS. Also, this album equals phenomenal. Nothing spins as perfectly as this.
  17. I played this record earlier tonight...goddamnit The Crop and the Pest is such a phenomenal song. Also I always forget the vinyl version has the extra track "Weight/Wait". I do love this album.
  18. I'll trade you my drum machine for some poutine and a beer or eight. also a lock of your hair...that should cover it
  19. Bestesssess: Thursday/mewithoutYou/Murder By Death/Fear Before the March of Flames mewithoutYou/Murder By Death ALL MURDER BY DEATH. I LOVE SARAH BALLIET. Brand New/K Dev/Manchester Minus the Bear/Russian Circles/P.O.S....goddamnit such a great show Anatomy of a Ghost/Gatsbys I think Portugal the Man/Gatsby's American Dream all PTMs The Honorary Title and PTM was fucking sweet. PTM/Circa/TREOS -- that was a FUCKING BLAST Glassjaw reunion Caspian/Native and of course of course of course Explosions in the Sky...absolutely beautiful. Worst: Minus the Bear/subtle/something else...fucking terrible. dude from subtle threw plastic spoons at the crowd. MTB's sound was absolutely terrible. I'll remember more after I get some sleep.
  20. Oh, and K Dev does bring in some very attractive fans. I'd do him.
  21. ^^^ Everytime I'm standing in line for the bathroom and there happens to be an attractive girl also waiting, I always say the same thing...even if there are separate men/women bathrooms, I'll still say, "I'll race you" I've gone in the bathroom at the same time as the other person, and I've raced when there are separate bathrooms...upon coming out, if I win, I always say "did the dryer not work?" ... and when I lose the race, I'll say, "but you didn't have to shake!" It's so much fun -- and you have to act like it's fun if you actually say these things or else, yes, you'll just be a creeper haha. Edit: Spontaneity wins.
  22. I'm pretty sure the next mwY album will be fucking great. I completely disliked the last album, buuuuut I don't know, I love mwY and have hope for them. Within that hope is hope that the next album will be a combination of their first three records..even better if it's a combo between CFUTF and A-B. I'D EAT THAT SHIT UP. NOM NOM NOM.

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