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  1. I'm so excited I feel like the devil and god are raging inside of ME! Thank you AFS!!!
  2. I'm sure you totally just burned me, but I don't get it. No burn on your part -- I just thought the soccer picture was a funny reply haha
  3. Haha -- I love how I've been smited. I lost my one and only good karma point. Daaannggg
  4. Yeah, I picked up the blue from hot topic and I've been wondering abou the pressing info ever since then haha...If it stays a mystery, oh wellllll
  5. I just came across this thread and saw this post -- Marc, think before you speak -- or don't speak at all. Jesse's a damn good guy, and what you said was terribly disrespectful. I would not have posted this if I haven't had conversations with jesse before and after shows. I don't intend on crushing what you said because you have your speculations, I'm just letting you know that's not how he is. Take Care
  6. Oh, and if anyone cares, Zack de la Rocha's One Day As A Lion project just got the vinyl price lowered, thank God. I'm picking this one up for $10! http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=EPI978
  7. This would've been nice to find before it sold out...however I noticed they listed it as 125g http://www.auralexploits.com/product_1517.htm
  8. MTB/TAAS split? Hell Yes! (if that doesn't pull through, then hell yes to the idea that it could've happened!)
  9. What the hell is wrong with that guy? ...and because they're throwing in the VHS, I'm going to increase my best offer from $0.25 to $0.75!! Wish me luck!
  10. Haha I've seen Deja go for almost $220 at one point -- they have three or so pressings, but very limited, so it's easy to be confused... I actually talked to Jesse Lacey for almost 30 minutes (orgasm) a month ago when I drove to jersey to see BN play a short semi-acoustic set at vintage vinyl and he said they were repressing each album...sure enough, devil and god were then on interpunk and cduniverse.com as a PO! STOOOKKEEEDDD
  11. I was bored, so I checked out their sale, and I'm glad I did. Got the Methadones "Career Objective" that I couldn't find anywhere else, so thanks! And $7 for FedEx shipping isn't too bad. nice!...yeah trust me the shipping is well worth it -- my orders come within 4 days at the most!
  12. yeah i agree but considering you can get records like Minus the Bear's Interpretaciones Del Oso mystery colored wax (150 pressed) for 12 bucks, then finding some other sweet record for half, isn't too bad...the last time they had BOGO free was I believe a few months ago, which then I picked up that record, flight of the conchords, pedro the lion, and a mountain goats for a good price. as for now I think I'm going to purchase MTB's planet of ice and get a Don Caballero for half off...hmmm it takes a while to look through everything, but i'm working right now at a parks & rec and have to kill time haha.
  13. I've been a fan of shockhound for a while, especially they're fast shipping (great packaging too). They typically have decent prices and when they have buy one get one half off, it's time to take advantage! I've already picked up a few from VC (the $15 off $50 coupon deal is god damn great!), so now it's shock's turn! http://www.shockhound.com/merch/category/2-vinyl?sort_by=Name&per_page=50&size=
  14. Hey man did you by chance see Russian Circles and Minus the Bear in Charlottesville a few years ago on October 15, 2006 (I still have my ticket haha)? I noticed your enter icon and saw you're in the VA
  15. circlingvultures, even though you can pick it up at the shows for ten bucks, you'll get at least $25 on ebay -- although it's not $40, who knows how high it could reach, especially since it's sealed. I almost dropped $30 on the night before one of their shows last year, but I passed and went to the show to spend that money on beer -- I ended up buying three copies of Like a Virgin haha (and of course beer). Good luck buddy
  16. Wow good luck with those sales! I actually have all of PTMs promo CDs if I can find them -- I had no idea they're worth anything, but I'm still keeping them though haha
  17. I only ordered one mystery box, and got 15 sweet ass posters which have been littered all over my wall! Thanks VC! And to "Hookups96" -- Virgil did say "Whatever!"... However, I would have tipped many cows and possibly my grandmother if I received amazing records in a horrible way (and damn the Dear and the Headlights is one fantastic album (not to rub it in)) Sorry buddy.

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