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  1. PO's are alive on EU store: https://southernlordeurope.com/store/search/name:/artist_id:201/format_id
  2. I'm positive you can order anywhere in EU from this page - https://www.emp-online.com/search?q=harms+way&lang=en
  3. Shades Apart "Eyewitness" Abhinanda "Rumble" End Of Days "Dedicated To The Extreme" Killswitch Engage ‎"Alive Or Just Breathing" The Agony Scene "s/t" The Whitest Boy Alive "Dreams" repress Capharnaum "Fractured"
  4. Am I the only one who thinks there should be Shades Apart "Eyewitness" reissue on vinyl? Songwriting on that album is excellent, great follow-up to "Seeing Things". Maybe SRC Vinyl should do it like they did with Far's "Water & Solutions" couple of years ago and finally made it available on vinyl.
  5. Together with the new album "The Catastrophist", Thrill Jockey is re-issuing back catalog of Tortoise albums on vinyl. http://www.thrilljockey.com/products/product_search?search_terms=tortoise&action_type=index
  6. USA: http://www.manicmusiconline.com/earth-crisis-salvation-of-innocents-450.html EU: http://www.plastichead.com/catalogue.asp?ex=fitem&verb=F&target=BOBV384LP Pricey Crisis
  7. The final ever album from this grindcore masters! Record label - http://shop.handshakeinc.com/main.sc Ltd. to 200 blue vinyl - http://shop.handshakeinc.com/Gridlink-Longhena-LP-pre-order-BLUE-HNDSKLP9black.htm Standard black vinyl - http://shop.handshakeinc.com/Gridlink-Longhena-LP-pre-order-BLACK-HNDSKLP9blck.htm
  8. I just had a nice experience with Paper + Plastick Records. First it started with a problem. I ordered a record few months ago and received it really poorly packed. Basically the record with no plastic wrap or bag was just put in the record mailer with no extra protection whatsoever. Of course, the record had all four corners bent when I received it. I sent them an e-mail describing my problem and thought it will probably end up in spam or something... But... Today I received another package from P+P. It was the same record sent again, no charge at all. This time packed as it should be (double card reinforcement inside the record mailer, wrapped in bubble wrap, record removed from cover...). And postage from USA to Europe is not cheap at all. They really made it up for their initial mistake. Funny thing is that they didn't reply to my e-mail or let me know they'll be handling the problem this way. Anyway, nice move Paper + Plastick.
  9. Hi people, I'm kind of new here, I do lurk from time to time but I never posted so far. I should start like this... My Coalesce records: My Helmet records: My Neurosis records: My Shotmaker records: My Off Minor records: My Yaphet Kotto records: My Darkest Hour records: