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  1. https://danieldanger.storenvy.com/products/24135819-some-stranger-meet-in-secret-lp-pink recorded in 2014 with Will Yip, mixed by Vince Ratti, Mastered at Sterling Sound, but never released. its up on spotify and bandcamp today, and a small vinyl run limited to 300 is on TME.
  2. i dont think youre getting a cd, sorry. my friend and i both had orders from day one, and neither of us got cds.
  3. i think you underestimate how much down-time you have when you are in a touring band. i have spent entire days googling ebay usernames and cancelling orders.
  4. "not associated" .... where do you think they got our names and addresses from? google?
  5. mostly my reply was in reference to "literally", because its not. if we were to go through the world of music and find every midtempo song that had a two note verse where the 2nd note was two steps up from the first, wed have to build a new forum.
  6. well sure, if you sing different words in a different key to different notes. Cant Get It Out Verse is G# to C and then throwing in a high D# on some variations In The Garage verse is B to C# to a low D#
  7. yo i think that "if you bought limited vinyl on day one youre getting a cd" theory has some holes in it at this point.
  8. i havent gotten anything and nothing is showing up as incoming on MYUSPS, so who knows at this point. not sure of the usefulness of an advance cd copy of an album that lands a week after i could just download a digital version anyways.
  9. well except they did let people know about it, and people here bought it because they were told about it.
  10. my "limited $45 w/ relevant media" order was at 1:49, when it popped back up for like 2 minutes. nothing showed up and my myusps thing doesnt show anything, not holding my breath.
  11. Bundles:1 x Fifth Album - Elite VIP Vinyl 'ocean blue' Fyre Festival Edition @ $45,000.00Items:1 x Brand New's Fifth Album - Deluxe Cabana Suite w/ Yacht access (Bundled)1 x Brand New's Fifth Album - Meet & Greet with Social Influencer TBA (Bundled) 1 x Digital USB Wristband containing Fifth Album 2 x Drink tickets WHAT DID I BUY
  12. i think theyve got something going on today, so maybe give them some time to catch up with things.

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