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  1. goddamn, the people on this board are getting dumber and dumber and dumber and asking the most retarded fucking questions.
  2. This, from the guy who listens to MxPx. Stop making out like you're so much cooler for knowing about this album while other people on the board don't know about it or could care less. That doesn't make the music they like less relevant.
  3. just throw it up on eBay. some chump will pay good money for it.
  4. ITT: a bunch of children who don't know any better
  5. I honestly love this band, but there is no reason for this single to exist, especially given the repress of the s/t LP. then don't order it, stupid.
  6. You already used that excuse once before. You're having a bad day (maybe one of your friends' band got into a car crash or maybe one of your friend's died or maybe you're just pissed off that nobody is interested in the shitty bands you're releasing) and you chose to vent by posting that you think Blink 182 suck when you could have easily ignored the thread and did something positive instead of being a straight-up fucktard.
  7. isn't this still readily available at Hot Topic and Interpunk for $15?
  8. So I got my Box Car vinyl today. For the most part, it's a good vinyl pressing but I get the feeling it was just mastered from the CD. overall, it sounds kinda flat without the aggression of the CD. mine was slightly warped. was anybody else's copy warped?
  9. how about just waiting for the record to come out?
  10. i'm glad i got my copy and sold it for $120. whoo hoo! (seriously though, i flipped it so i could get the Fucked Up reel to reel.)