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  1. deadtankrecords.com deadtankrecords.com
  2. $12 shirts at Dead Tank. Pictures and ordering at the site. https://deadtankrecords.com/collections/shirts ACAB Assfactor 4 Black Flag "Jealous" Bolt Thrower Born Against Coil Corrupted Crisis "No Town Hall" Crudos Dead Can Dance Infest Mazzy Star My Bloody Valentine New Order Poison Idea "Pick Your King" Portishead "This Day..." Scholastic Deth "Revenge" Throbbing Gristle Totalitar Wipers Worsen
  3. We print them on a handful of colors. Black, white, natural, light blue, red, pink.... https://deadtankrecords.com/collections/shirts
  4. poison idea shirts marked down to $10 this week!
  5. new shirts added to online store. http://deadtankrecords.com
  6. https://deadtankrecords.com/ Cloud Rat "Clipped Beaks // Silk Panic" CD Twenty-three tracks collected from the inimitable Cloud Rat. The audio here comes from previous and upcoming splits with Crevasse, Test, The World is a Vampire, Disrotted, and Moloch. The collection comes with a comprehensive and stunning 8 panel insert. Mob Terror "Superstimulus" 12" Smile To The Wind "Illusions" 12" Hirs "Friends. Lovers. Favorites." LP Stimulant / Water Torture "Split" LP Cloud Rat "Heart" Shirt Cloud Rat "I Want" Shirt Cloud Rat - Tote Cassus "Separation Anxiety" LP Worsen - Shirt Backslider "Death Residue" 7" Dark / Light "s/t" 7" Gloom Sleeper "Luminous Galaxies" LP Body Void "I Live Inside a Burning House" 2xLP Body Void "I Live Inside a Burning House" TAPE Future Girls "Motivation Problems" TAPE Casual Burn "Tomorrow Problem" 7" Maniac "Dead Dance Club" LP Ramuh "Glowing Civilization" 7" Marriage Material "Making the Worry Worth It Part 1" 7" Permanent Makeup "Scrape" LP Break the Chain #2 - Zine Meatwound "Trash Apparatus" 7" Lemuria "Recreational Hate" LP ISS "s/t" 7" Supercrush "I've Been Around" 7" Era Bleak "Demo" TAPE Haunter / Sovereign - split LP Fister / Chrch split LP Pandemix "Rank and File" 7" Seven Days of Samsara "1998-2018 Discography" 2xLP

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